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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 40 ~ 43

Episode 40
Darkness Shrowds the Kingdom

Lilan finally calms down and lands aboard the Shinoh’s ship. Erin is shocked at the bloody scene before her and the reality that Lilan was responsible for all of it. However, she recovers to go help tend to the wounded. The Shinoh had hit her head and was unconscious. Soon, help from Kazhalm arrives but because they didn’t bring any antidote for the Toudah’s poisonous fangs, Erin flies back to collect some. The fleet moves to the Kazhalm Noble Halls in case their asssailants attempted to attack again and there, Iyal is blamed for his incompetence. Later, goes to visit his wounded subordinates and finds Erin there. Erin had been waiting for him and tends to his badly wounded right arm. Iyal remembers the words of his master about the country falling apart and speaks out his thoughts to Erin, thinking it was the Grand Duke who attacked them. However, Erin tells him that the Toudahs may not have belong to the Grand Duke because they had no marks on their tails. She also goes onto explaining about her past.

Kemono no Souja Erin 40

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White Album, Episode Summaries 14 ~ 17

Didn’t even know this drama series has resumed already. Been over 6 months since the first season ended… Time flies, eh?

Episode 14
I’ve never been able to tune properly.
I always end up thinking I can sound better.

Mana is down with a fever and Touya’s father is hospitalised because of heart disease. Touya doesn’t seem to know about it and angers Misaki. The contest between Rina, Yuki and the Sakura group is also over – The victory clearly belonging to Eiji’s singers. During a conference, Eiji hints to Rina that he had decided to give up on her and concentrate his efforts on training Yuki from now on. He leaves letting Yuki know she can take the day off and goes to collect a painting that he once saw in London that brought him to tears. Meanwhile, Yayoi is bothered by her stalker once again while at Echoes and goes to find Touya for comfort at the hospital.

White Album Page 14

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 36 ~ 39

Episode 36
The Graduation Exam

Celebrations are underway at Kahzalm as everyone learns that Lilan will soon have a baby. However, Erin is so worried about her, she almost forgets about the graduation exam until Tomura reminds her. Meanwhile, Lilan’s appetite has increased so dramatically, the conservatory was having problems keeping her well fed and considers reporting to the Shinoh about the matter while keeping Erin’s talent a secret. Kiriku volunteers to go report and to their relief, the Shinoh was very happy hearing the news and grants them extra food supplies, giving her best wishes. The students graduate successfully and one by one, they leave the school to return home while Erin turns a new page in her life to begin her career as a teacher.

Kemono no Souja Erin 36

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 32 ~ 35

Just a reminder if you don’t know already, Crunchyroll is now officially streaming the latest episode of this series on their website every Sunday. However, from what I’ve seen of the translations, they seem a little too over-literal…

Episode 32
The Great Sin

As Erin flies in the sky on Lilan’s back, she notices a signal nearby as if Lilan was being guided somewhere within the falling snow. She soon finds out it was Nason who has been keeping her under surveillance all this time. After putting Lilan to sleep, Nason explains that Soyon was originally to be his wife. His duty now was to ensure Erin doesn’t carry out the same mistake their tribe carried out long ago which was to get involved in war by letting others know of their skills to communicate with beasts. If Erin was to continue, both she and Lilan may have be killed. He continues that long ago, the kingdom of Orvalon had wanted their help to defend their own country using Toudahs. Eventually, the king became so greedy he began invading neighbouring countries and punished those who would not bow to him. Seeing this, the People of the Mist exiled themselves overthrew him together with his people before exiling themselves to a valley.

When the king of Orvalon was overthrown, he is unknowingly rescued by “Jeh” who belonged to another beast controlling tribe. After hearing his story about wanting the best for his people, she decides to breed large numbers of the King Beasts to force the ruler to surrender. Unfortunately, during their plan the King Beasts and Toudahs went berserk at the masses of blood, attacking both beasts and humans alike. This left the entire kingdom in ruins. As a result, Jeh who went against her people’s orders wasn’t allowed to return and leaving the borders of Ahon Noah, formed the current kingdom of Ryoza becoming the first Shinoh. Ever since then, it has been forbidden to use their skills and Soyon had secretly let the Toudahs die to help avoid such a tragedy from happening again by controlling their numbers. As Nason disappears warning Erin not to let Lilan fly again and to treat her like the others, Erin questions whether if it was really their skills to blame. She thinks about how she can let Lilan live freely as the way things were now and what she must do.

Kemono no Souja Erin 32

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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 28 ~ 31

Episode 28
The Death of John

A letter arrives from John’s son telling of his death because of heart disease. Erin was very upset at the news but tries to act normally around everyone. Tomura returns from his holidays and notices she wasn’t herself and decides to talk to Ethal about it. An idea comes to mind. She decides to leave Kazalm for a day together with Erin so that they could visit the “secret hideout” that she and John used to go to. Along the way there, Ethal tells Erin all sorts of things about when John was still a student. He used to gather all the failing classmates and try to teach them and she would never understand why. When she asked, she learned he wanted to discover the talents within people. As Erin learned more about John and arrive at the little hut, she begins to feel better. She thanks John for discovering and helping develop the hidden talent in her and that she will lead a life that she won’t be ashamed of.

Kemono no Souja Erin 28

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