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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 20 ~ 23

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 20 ~ 23

Episode 20
The King Beast Named "Lilan"

Erin is given special permission to learn about cleaning after a King Beast but she almost forgets until Yuyan reminded her at the library that morning. For their lesson, they were to help clean the King Beast's nest of its excrement. As the teacher gives instructions to guide the King Beast out and shows them the Soundless Whistle, Erin learns that it had a range of ten adult steps and is also reminded how painful her mother had felt when using it against the Toudahs. While everyone else was fooling around, Erin was diligently examining the excrements remembering how her mother Soyon once told her that just like a human, an animal's excrement can show changes in their health. Soon, a storm is brewing and their senior Tomura warns them to clean up the nests fast because the beasts were well known to return to their nest during such weather but Erin had already thought of that and asked the other students to help her speed up the cleaning. The next day, Ethal approaches Erin wondering why she felt sorry for the King Beasts here and she replies they didn't have the same brilliance the ones in the wild she saw had. After some tests, Erin is shown the baby King Beast named "Lilan" which meant "light" in the old language. It was taken from its nest and injured during the Shinoh's birthday. After seeing Erin's determination, Ethal decides to let her look after it her own way much to the discontent of Tomura.

Kemono no Erin 20

Episode 21

The Disappearing Light
End of the first book, "Toudah Arc".

News that Erin was now responsible for the young King Beast had spread all over Kazalm but, Yuyan was relieved Erin wasn't skipping years again. Otherwise she would be missed. Toruma was still angry why Erin was taking his place and begins to wonder if she was trying to earn extra points in her scores by doing this. One evening, he threatens Erin to take good care of Lilan or she will be in big trouble. As Erin becomes so absorbed observing the King Beast, trying to learn how to make it eat something, she ends up staying in the stables day and night. This touches everyone including Toruma who learns why Erin was so concerned and that she saw the young King Beast like the time she parted with her own mother. Days pass and she tries all sorts of methods to make Lilan eat but she wouldn't. Even though she made some progress by discovering that changing the way the light seeped into the stable made Lilan slightly more comfortable, Erin was sad she couldn't respond to its cry. One morning, wrapped up in a white towel and holding her harp underneath, Erin discovers by chance she would reproduce the cry Lilan made when the towel was covering the harp.

Kemono no Erin 21

Episode 22
The Sound of the Harp
Start of the second book, "King Beast Arc"

Erin and Tomura set off into town to find the wood worker who had fixed her harp, hoping he would be able to tweak it so that it produced the same cry the King Beast did. Meanwhile, Iyar was investigating the mask the assassin had dropped. As he finished, he heard a little commotion. A man was accused of dropping flyers that claimed the Shinoh's rule was ending just like the King Beast was bleeding. He thinks back to the words of his master who asked if he saw the kingdom was changing - Those fought for the Grand Duke were referred to as "Wajaks" while those who didn't and lived under the rule of Shinoh were "Horons". It was all the doing of Saigamul who thinks the Grand Duke should be ruler. Soon he is attacked by two assassins, forcing his old wound open again and is found by Erin and the others. He dreams back further remembering how his master had told him long ago the Saigamul had set fire to the palace leaving only Shimiya and the present Harumiya behind as the only survivors. It was rumoured the Grand Duke was responsible but he found someone to clear his name. Since then, the Saigamul swore he will spill blood and that was when the Ze Zan were born but Iyar was loyal, remembering the kindness the Shinoh showed him and defeats his master. When he wakes up and learns Erin wanted to sacrifice the harp's original sound to help the wounded King Beast that saved him, he decides to help her by teaching her the skills she need to change the harp.

Kemono no Erin 22

Episode 23
The Oath of Kazalm

As Erin successfully takes care of Lilan by using her harp, rumour spreads around the conservatory that it was only because she was a People of the Fog and was using some sort of power to control the King Beast. Ethal gathers all the teachers of Kazalm together for a meeting to discuss this important matter. She lets them know the truth, telling of how observant she has been noticing how the light would flow upwards from the young King Beast's feet and how she could perhaps mimic the cry of its mother. The teachers were impressed at her intelligence and begin to think over the ways they've been following. However, the most important point was she was breaking the rules of the King Beast Law Book which the Shinoh herself had written, explaining how carers must watch over the beasts or face severe punishment. It is also said that the Shinoh brought peace to the world by controlling the King Beasts which devoured Toudahs and that was why she had power over the Grand Duke too. It was a fact that Erin didn't need to use any of the methods written within the book such as using the Whistle of Obedience or Specialised Water and, this could mean she would become the target for anyone after power. Everyone is gathered together to decide whether they can keep the secret about Erin within Kazalm or not.

Kemono no Erin 23

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