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Kurokami The Animation Episode Summary 23, End Thoughts

Anime Kurokami the Animation

Kurokami The Animation Episode Summary 23, End Thoughts

Yes, I know this is well overdue but after the previous episode, it felt like the series had already ended so I wasn't in a rush to watch this. That and I've been busy translating a novel.

Episode 23

Original OP "Sympathizer" and ED "Iro no nai Sekai" are used.

Kuro leaves to return to the Sacred Land and remembers everything that's happened - Especially of the times she and Keita had experienced together since the day they met. Meanwhile, their contract remains as Keita marries Akane and lives a fulfilling life until old age when he could see his grand children. The Kaionji Group undergo re-organisation and the world is free of the Masagami's curse, the Doppel Liner system but Kuraki comments there were still many other systems that bound humans in the world...

Kurokami 23


Well, that was a new way to end a show... At least to me it was. The last episode could probably have been used as one of those re-cap episodes some shows use half way through the series if it wasn't for those filler scenes. But then again, maybe it's because I haven't watched that much Anime.

Show wasn't too bad. What caught my interest was the Doppel Liner system and some of the fluid battle animation it started off with. Unfortunately, the quality dropped as the story development started to crawl. I feel they repeated the same few bits of details about the mysterious Doppel Liner system for far too long. Half the series was all one-sided Kuro abuse and the Power Rangers style "Synchro" made it just a little bit cheezy for me... Characters transforming, powering up and yelling out the names of their moves aren't really my kind of show any more but fortunately, they did keep the fictional Doppel Liner system idea interesting when they did finally decide to reveal more details.

The twist at the end was pretty good if not a bit silly. I mean, why does Reishin have to go about killing everyone including the The Noble Ones when he could have gathered more help to face the Masagamis? I guess it's all to make the show more epic but it's a very shallow attempt of achieving it.

It was nice to see Yukana with her C.C. voice (from Code Geass) get a brief role in the show.

In the end Kurokami had an interesting plot ruined by spreading it out too thinly but the bits of comedy did help it along.

episode summary

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