Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Review

So Square-Enix announced a mysterious title called, “Project Setsuna” a long time ago and now it’s known as “Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna [Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow]” or “I Am Setsuna” in the West. Most people got a Chrono Trigger vibe from all the footage that got released. It might be from an unknown studio called Tokyo RPG Factory but for me, it looked like a fun JRPG to play.

Story is quite similar to FFX – Chosen girl, Setsuna is to go on a journey to sacrifice herself to maintain the peace in the world. Very straight forward plot. Just happens someone (the player) is sent to assassinate her but she pleads to be her escort since she’s going to die anyway.

Setsuna and Mr Assassin

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Exist Archive Review

Tri-Ace games have been a mixed experience for me. I didn’t like Star Ocean 4 for its stiff animation and bland battle system but, I did enjoy Resonance of Fate so I decided to try Exist Archive.

So, a group of gifted teenagers who possess certain talents are caught up in an accident one day and find themselves on another planet. The AI overseer, Amatsume who governs the planet tells them they are dead and has gathered their souls so that she can keep an eye of the great evil sealed within each of them. Meanwhile, another race is trying to overthrow her rule and unleash this evil. It’s up to them to choose who to side with for a chance to returning home.

It begins...

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Persona Q Review

Atlus made quite an interesting move by putting together their most popular Persona series with their classic dungeon crawler series, Etrian Odyssey.

So the story takes place after Persona 4 Golden. An ominous tower appears, the Persona characters somehow find themselves trapped in a place similar to Yasogami High. They meet Rei and Zen who claims to be in a similar situation. Together, they start exploring trying to find a way out. You have the choice to play as the Persona 4 or 3 gang, each having their own version of the dialogue of the story.

Persona Q

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Demon Gaze Review

Anyone into the old D&D style dungeon crawlers where you make 90 degrees turns should like this – If you don’t mind the cutesy “moe” Anime graphics.

To arms, friends!


In Demon Gaze, Flan runs a manor for adventurers which acts as your base for resting up, arranging party members, purchasing items and getting new quests.

Your main goal as “Demon Gazer” Oz, is to hunt down troublesome demons in various parts of the world and seal off the great evil that is about to awaken. To do this, you find portals and close them by defeating the demons. The demon you’re after may or may not be inside so by closing enough of them, you corner the demon and then use your Demon Gaze power to subdue them to become your partner.

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Games of The Year 2013 and Onwards

While browsing through my gaming news sources I came by some “Games of the Year” articles so I thought I’d write my own to sum up 2013’s year of gaming.

I used to be a PC gamer but as my interest grew in Japanese exclusive Anime and games and, I started to have a proper income I moved to console gaming. Internet made it easy to import games and the Western games market didn’t really interest me too much.

So anyway, games listed here are according to their first release date in their native country. A few I’ve spent time writing up reviews for but if I haven’t, think of what’s here as mini reviews.

Games of the Year 2013

Tomb Raider
Crystal Dynamics

I quite enjoyed the reboot. The direction was good in driving the prequel story as to how Lara Croft became the explorer she did. Then there was the RPG style points system for upgrading skills and collecting parts to upgrade your weapons. There were some QTEs but the game wasn’t completely filled with them. Graphics were up-to-date for the PS3 which was a bonus.

The pre-rendered cutscenes were so good it would have been great to see a CG movie. Especially after watching the original teaser trailer for this game.

The only part I didn’t like about the Tomb Raider reboot was the parachuting event which took numerous retries to beat because it was really hard to tell which areas you could glide through!

Tomb Raider

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