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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 16 ~ 19

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 16 ~ 19

Episode 16
The Ze Zan, Iyar

Good news arrives from John's old friend Ethal who decides to make an exception for Erin to take an entrance exam despite the annual one being already over. Together with the Nukku and Mokku, they make their way to the Royal City where Erin hears a harp playing and remembers the man from four years ago that had given her the harp. Lost in thought, she is bumped into and drops the harp, damaging it. Meanwhile, that very man Iyar had also returned to the city and stops by an old friend, rekindling his memories of how he became a "Ze Zan" the Shinoh's secret bodyguards. His potential had been spotted by Hagul one night when his father's workshop caught fire and died at the same time. It was then Iyar was approached and with his mother ill, he had no choice but to accept for the money. He knew from that point onwards, he must cut off all emotions as he kept his duty as a Ze Zan. Later, a knock at the door causes him to hide and to his surprise, it was the green-eyed girl he had met long ago, looking to fix the harp but a bigger surprise awaits Iyar.

Kemono no Erin 16

Episode 17

The Shinoh is Targeted

It is the Shinoh's 60th birthday and preparations for the celebrations are under way as large carts bearing gifts are brought into the Royal City. The Grand Duke and his sons, Shunan and Nugan also arrive to meet the Shinoh for the first time. As they exchange formal chatter, Damiya soon reminds them of the threat towards Shinoh and those who still try to invade their country. That night, Shunan sends out a letter to Semiya and they secretly meet in the forest. Besides their feelings for each other, Shunan wanted to talk about the future of their country, knowing that how it was currently divided between a region ruled by the Shinoh and his own father will bring about conflict. They are discovered by Damiya and their meeting quickly ends, Shunan hinting that he knew Damiya was scheming something as he tries to get close to his brother. The next day, the celebrations begin and everyone are awed by the gifts Damiya brought for the Shinoh but Iyar could sense something was amiss.

Kemono no Erin 17

Episode 18
Instructor Ethal

Erin and John arrive at Kazalm, The King Beasts Conservatory where the chief instructor Ethal was already waiting to greet them. To Ethal, Erin didn't seem like a 14 year old but older. All the students knew of her coming and give her curious looks as she followed Ethal into her office. There, Erin was given the opportunity to rest but she prefers to take the entrance exam right away. Given one sand glass of time, Erin works away as Ethal catches up with John, surprised that he decided to come down from the mountains and send her a letter that he will be bringing a "daughter" with him. Before they could finish, Erin was already done and to John's joy, she was allowed to skip two years although she will still be amongst boys that were two years younger than her. As Erin is lead to her dorm where the only other female studeny Yuyan is, John explains Erin's background and is relieved to hear Ethal assuring him there will be no discrimination against Aohrols. She was touched at what Erin wrote down for wanting to become a vet - She wanted to understand why living things are the way they are. As Erin sees John off in tears, she remembers the happy days with him and now she was about to start a new life.

Kemono no Erin 18

Episode 19
Friends at Kazalm

Being used to the free life in the mountains with John, Erin wasn't used to following rules and doing the same thing as everyone else did. She didn't know there was a schedule for meals, she didn't know she couldn't keep asking questions during lessons and she didn't know she couldn't wander around buildings freely. This made her stand out from the rest of her classmates and worried her deeply because she had no where to return to and really wanted to get along. It wasn't until Yuyan told her that everyone was different that Erin remembered the days in Ake Village where she and her mother would be discriminated as People of the Mist. Yuyan too was troubled that she spoke differently when she first arrived at the centre and was laughed at until Kanshugan stood up for her. It was then that Yuyan was able to accept herself as being different and so did Erin for the first time.

Kemono no Erin 19

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