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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 12 ~ 15

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 12 ~ 15

Episode 12
Silver White Feather

Damiya has returned to the Royal City where his niece, Seimiya was happy to see him again and was reporting about the Grand Duke's welfare to the Shinou. He also brought news that the Beast Kings were in their offspring period. Meanwhile, John, Erin and the Egg Thieves had arrived at the Summer Mountain where John's summer house was. While cleaning up the wooden house, a great shadow flies pass overhead. Erin decides to go into the forest where the glimmering creature was flying and finds a giant dazzling white feather. Upon returning home, she meets John's old friend Charon a member of the patrols and learns that she saw a King Beast, creatures with the head of a wolf and large silver wings that were considered sacred. Charon was dispatched to help gather some eggs so that their numbers wouldn't drop because it is said it would bring great disaster. But for the moment, the old friends celebrate their reunion.

Kemono no Erin 12

Episode 13

The Valley of King Beasts

After settling down at their summer house, John decides to set out to the valley to gather some Chigo, herbs that were worth one silver piece each and were very effective for healing internal poisoning. However, Erin is worried when she learns that it was also where Toudahs lurked. The next morning, she decides to go after John alone and finds him unconscious close to the bottom of the valley. She climbs down and was really frightened when he wouldn't wake up. Fortunately, he does and finds he hurt his leg and will need some time to recover. Although John insists Erin returned home while it was still light, she decides to stay with him for the night. It was then that she wakes up and comes across Toudahs once again, who were after a baby King Beast, reminding her of the tragic moment she parted with her mother.

Kemono no Erin 13

Episode 14
The People of The Mist

It's been four years since Soyon's death. The watcher, Nason has returned to the main settlement where the People of the Mist resided. News of Soyon's death had already reached the Chief's ears. Nason reports what has happened, missing out the part that Soyon committed a forbidden act. As the Chief hears about the death of the Toudahs, he wonders what could have poisoned them. It will be something that will be difficult to find out now that the answer has died together with Soyon. He gives the order for Nasson to continue watching over Erin to see what direction she is heading towards, careful that she will not come into contact with the King Beasts. Meanwhile, the grown up Erin was helping John at the stable to deliver Dochi the horse's new baby.

Kemono no Erin 14

Episode 15
Their Past

It's been four years since John met Erin who was now fourteen. One day, his son Athan arrives on Summer Mountain to invite his father back to the Royal City. It was then that Erin learns that John was a highly respected teacher at Tamyuan School there. John loved to teach. It was his passion. However, on the day of the graduation exam, John decided to change the test questions secretly so that he could find out the true potential of his students. Especially that of Nika who had great potential but was lacking the funds. One of his students Saman, who only passed with flying colours because his bureaucrat father knew what questions were going to appear, failed miserably. Saman blames Nika claiming he was threatened. When John gives him a lecture to pass with his own abilities, he committs suicide and his father pressurising John to leave his position. Since then, John has been leading a simple life as a beekeeper. He was hesitating to return and wondered if Erin will return with him. As John revealed his past, so did Erin explaining how her mother died and that it was her wish to become a vet just like Soyon. She also says she would rather live alone if she was going to be sent off to marry some wealthy family. Hearing this, John decides to write to an old friend, "Ethal" who was a female vet at the Kazalm King Beasts Conservatory. Teaching Erin everything he knows to help her pass the exam, John knew it was soon time for them to part.

Kemono no Erin 15

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