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Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 19 ~ 22

Kurokami the Animation

Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 19 ~ 22

Episode 19
Spirited Away

As Kuro and Keita find Reishin, they couldn't believe who was there with him as his contractor. It was Akane. Seeing how she wouldn't tell them why she was helping him go after the Masagami's power, they decide to battle it out with Reishin hoping she will wake up. With Kuro and Keita backed up by their newly gained Tera Cycle Synchro and, Reishin supported by Akane's overpowering Tera that exceeded that of other humans, a fierce battle breaks out. However, just like Keita, he too notices another power source surging through Kuro as they fight.

Kurokami 19

Episode 20


Reishin and Akane proceed to the "Spirit Ruler Stone" where Kuro's mother was killed. As he arrives there, he thinks back to how it all started. One day, an emblem appeared on Kuro's hand and Kuro's mother went through the dream ceremony to confirm that it wasn't an ill omen. Although she tried to hide it, the Lion Tribe Chief already knew the answer. The emblem meant that Kuro was going to be the Masagami's reincarnation host and they will have to kill her just like they have been doing every few thousand years. Kuro's mother wanted to break this curse and believed Reishin could do it. Just as the Chief was about lead an army to kill Kuro, Reishin stops them but, they still needed a maiden's blood from their tribe to undo the seal around the Sacred Land and so, Kuro's mother sacrificed herself.  Reishin succeeded in destroying all the other stones that helped seal Masagami and now, he was ready to face them so that he could break the curse once and for all.

Kurokami 20

Episode 21

Two of the Masagami's split entities are awakened and a fierce battle breaks out between them, the Sacred Land being scorched and frozen as they exchange attacks. As Kuro awakens and comes to realise that her brother Reishin did everything to save her, she rushes off to help, ignoring all the crimes he has committed so far. Moments later, Reishin manages to suppress both Masagamis but just then, the last Masagami in Kuro also awakens. The situation looked very bleak as Reishin is beaten into the earth while everyone else including Yakumo, Excel, Riona and Mikami come to help but are defeated instantly. Keita cries out and with the help of the contract between him and Kuro, Kuro awakens with a new level of Tera energy. Reishin returns and using up all his Tera energy to stop the Masagamis from regenerating, he ends the battle at the cost of his life.

Kurokami 21

Episode 22

Despite Reishin's sacrifice, the Masagamis weren't dead yet. Even without their regeneration power they manage to fuse together. Kuro and Keita do their best to fight the fused Masagami but lacked power. With the aid of Akane using her Thousand, both she and Keita manage to channel enough Tera energy to Kuro and they finally defeat the Masagamis, returning all the Tera back to the people of the world. Just when all appeared to be over, Keita overhears two school girls talking about the Doppel Liner system again and just manages to save one of them. The curse had yet to be broken and that was because Kuro, the third Masagami's reincarnation was still alive. She will have to die too if they were going to break the curse but due to her deep Synchro with Keita, it would mean his death too. Kuro eventually remembers the Spirit Ruler Stone and decides to have one last Ramen together with Keita where they first met before leaving.

Kurokami 22

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