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Rideback, Episode Summaries 10 ~ 12, End Thoughts

Anime Rideback

Rideback, Episode Summaries 10 ~ 12, End Thoughts

Episode 10
Master of the War

Tamayo decides to move with Rin to a safer place that Okagura had prepared for them. However, Rin was planning to give herself in to the police but Tamayo reminds her the GGP aren't trustworthy. As they move, Rin brightens up when she learns that she will be able to see everyone again just before she leaves. Meanwhile, Hishida and the rest of Rin's friends were joining in the demonstrations against the GGP near the Peace Memorial Park. They pass by the National Theatre of Japan where Rin performed at and hopes she could dance again one day. Uchida was on Balon to protest about the safety of Ridebacks but gets mistaken as the "Mysterious Rideback Girl" and gains a lot of attention. On the other hand, Okagura successfully finds a way to infiltrate the GGP's base for Kiefer and learns his true intentions was to get revenge.

Rideback 10

Episode 11

Sometimes When Clouds Turn to Rain

As Rin and her friends grieve over Uchida's death, the BMA were making their final preparations to attack the GGP headquarters. Tamayo's brother was still working with Kei trying to find the information they needed use against the GGP's conspiracy in gaining the approval of Hesner's White Ridebacks. The whole town was quiet. Rin is reminded of the time when she was a little girl, watching her mother dance brilliantly on stage and how her dream had been to be like her, to catch some of that brilliance and become closer. Then everything changed after she hurt her foot and again after she discovered the Ridebacks, thinking she found a new pair of legs. Despite being invited along by Kieffer, an escape route has been arranged for both her and Tamayo but Rin was still unsure of what to do.

Rideback 11

Episode 12 (End)
To The Stage of Light

A fierce battle breaks out at the GGP base. Meanwhile, Rin and Tamayo had managed to escape safely but were now on the run from the automated Grimoire Ridebacks. When the engine of Tamayo's RB-Z 400 is hit, Rin lures the Grimoires away. As she races ahead, she thinks back to the light she saw during the time she was helping Shouko escape. Distracted, she is knocked off Fuego and during that moment, she also remembers the words of her mother - The stage was a dancer's life and the light is woven by people themselves. Okagura comes to her aid and she manages to escape again. As the GGP gives the orders for disarmament and the Hesner Company is bombarded by the media, the TV crew catches Rin reaching the Peace Memorial Park where Uchida had died. There, she performs her ballet once again.

Rideback 12


Pretty good series the trademark being mixing ballet with mecha of course. But other than that, the artwork was good and the animation was fluid. I felt it was a bit repetitive emphasising how Rin could perform the grand jeté on Fuego but, the show ended with a great performance that was cut short when she injured her foot. All those ballet techniques... Doubt I would enjoy it as much if it was a real life performance though.

I was wondering what Misao Yokoyama's role was in the show considering how she's one of the good characters in the Manga but didn't expect her to help turn the GGP to good. Of all countries, it just has to be Japan who ends up accomplishing it of course. Good to see Rin's back to her normal life in the end and managed to dance just once more.

Now I know some of the terms used in ballet... Grand jeté, reverence, coda, jeté entrelacé.

Rin gets to dance one more time.

episode summary

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