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White Album, Episodes Summaries 11 ~ 13, End Thoughts

Anime White Album

White Album, Episodes Summaries 11 ~ 13, End Thoughts

Episode 11
"Time won't resolve the thorns in our hearts for us.
For it only puts a label of oblivion on them."

Eiji explains how both Rina and Yuki must fill their venues to stand a chance of beating the Sakura group by surpassing their mobilisation value. As they both go about their rehearsals, Yayoi and Rina talk about how they are both taking action for Yuki's best interests. However, something was bothering Rina too and she has problems concentrating on her own rehearsals. As Touya goes about acting as Rina's assistant, he also wonders what he was doing when all he did was stand around pretending to be her spectators. He also couldn't get Yuki off his mind because every time he saw Rina performing, he was reminded of Yuki's first concert that she will be performing soon. The stress was building. Meanwhile, both Mana and Haruka were also clearing up their feelings towards Touya.

White Album 11

Episode 12

"To be bound. To deceive. To take. To convey.
The most painful of it all is to wait."

Rina is shocked when she learns that Touya has been together with Yayoi for some time and claims that the only person she could love was Yuki. Rina decides to tell him the contents of Yuki's torn up letter. Yuki writes to Touya about having the same nightmare recently where she was on stage and had forgotten her song. She was frightened because Touya wasn't there to comfort her and when she woke up, she finally realises how naive she has been and don't want to be like the Yuki in her dreams. She decides she won't see Touya and call him any more so that she may become stronger. Touya bursts out in tears and is fired by Rina. He desparately tries to get in touch with her again and even tries to get tickets to her first concert but fails. Fortunately, the other girls help him out. Meanwhile, Misaki comes across Tamaru again who claims he wanted to apologise.

White Album 12

Episode 13 (End)
"The vase is leaning to one side yet, you didn't notice?
That's because there isn't even a drop of water left in it."

The audience cheers for Yuki and as the silhouettes of the band members appeared one after the other, the nervous Yuki runs onto the stage and sings. Touya was astounded by her performance and while listening to her singing, he is reminded of the times he had spent with her. After it was over, he found himself still sitting alone on the seats and is invited inside to see Yuki. She was happy to see him but was a little disappointed the other friends didn't come. Whispering that they can contact each once again and uttering the words that she loves him, Yuki leaves. Heading to the roof with Touya, Eiji admits he was impressed too describing it was as if she could die if she didn't sing and and even the "God of Song" fell under her spell. Eiji hints he will be contending for Yuki. After getting a lift from Yayoi, Touya returns home to find a number of visitors which makes him miss an important phone call.

White Album 13


This series started pretty well with a number of interesting distinctions such as Touya's thoughts being presented as text and the episode titles (if you can call them that). I wonder if they're extracts from Robert Browning or G. K. Chesterton's poems since their names appear in the credits...? Visually, I thought it was interesting how they switched to the colour pencilled (?) illustrations and backgrounds now and then to change the viewers focus.

I kind of lost interest midway because it was turning into a harem show with all the girls suddenly going for Touya despite the serious, dramatic theme it's had.

However, the ending kind of helped redeem the show with that spectacular performance from Yuki. I don't know if it's because of the upmixed surround sound but the atmosphere was great! Wouldn't mind putting the song on my DAP. "White Album" indeed. Kind of looking forward to the OST too. I wonder how this in-Anime song fairs in the ears of Aya Hirano fans who liked "God Knows" from Suzumiya Haruhi?

I still keep mixing up Mizuki Nana and Aya Hirano's voices so it's probably safe to say they done excellent jobs for this show. I was actually expecting Rina to have a solo performance this episode too but it never happened. Probably because Nana's song is already used for the opening.

It felt as if the show came back alive when Touya's energy suddenly came flooding back to him in the car park and was no longer just dilly-dallying around - Making decisions on the spot. The show actually felt alive again and it looks like Eiji might be contending for Yuki's love when he was reading Touya's thoughts. I liked how Touya finally stood up against Yayoi and told her she was too cold then later, she goes in to fetch Mana away so that he isn't bothered.

This girl has an uncanny resemblance to Yayoi... Any relation?

Any relation to Yayoi...?

Well, guess we'll find out in the second season this winter and lets hope they don't throw in any more characters and just focus on the current cast.

White Album Season 2 this winter.

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