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Console Cable Switching Time

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Console Cable Switching Time

The old TV broke down in the house which meant we had to get ourselves a new one. Obviously that meant going for an HDTV with a digital tuner built in so that we were ready for the digital switch over. My parents blame my Wii because they both showed an increase in red colours before they drew their last cathode rays. I don't think the Wii is really capable of doing something like that but I kind of have my doubts...

Anyway, with a brand new 37" Full HD TV, my brothers and I decided to switch cables too. Otherwise the blown-up low res pictures on the screen look too ugly. The down side is, the Xbox360 doesn't come with an HDMI cable needed to output 720p/1080p pictures and the Wii doesn't come with a component cable. What's worse with the Wii is that it uses a proprietary cable which means, normal component video cables don't work with it! Didn't want to get one of the cheaper alternatives because I read some bad things about them so I ended up buying the official cable. Not cheap.

Component Wii and HD Cables.

So, plugging in the component cable to the Wii and changing the setting I can't really say the images look any better in games. A bit smoother yes but I don't really think it's worth it for 480p mode. The imagery is still blown up enough to look blurry - Especially on a Full HD TV.

On the other hand, the blurred background and sharp foreground images were a lot more distinct on the Xbox360 compared to using the pre-packaged component cable. Textures, lighting and shadow effects were richer in Eternal Sonata which has a native resolution of 720p although I'm sure the images will look much better once FFXIII is released.

I actually played the Wii for some time now besides for the odd Mario Kart competition and Everybody Votes channel because there's no games that interest me in the West. Kind of at the point where I'm considering selling the Wii... Then I remember there will be a No More Heroes sequel and also Vanillaware's Muramasa The Demon Blade so I'm keeping it for now.

I really wonder how they'll be localising that game when there's so much Kanji. Hope there's an English/Japanese text option or keep the main Kanji in at least like what they Capcom did with Okami.

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