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Ys VII Coming September with Historical OST and ED7 Artbook

The official site for Falcom’s next Ys title is up and reveals that the ARPG will be available from Japan on September 17th. Besides that, the game will also come with a slightly different set of bonus goods than their usual packaging. This time it will include an “Ys History Soundtrack” covering a selection of tracks from the entire Ys series from one to seven including Origin. There will also be a 32 page “Legend of Heroes VII Classified Design Works” book which is currently under development.

Import stores don’t usually stock Falcom’s titles but if you’re really interested, you can order from them directly in English by email as long as you have a credit card. Note the EMS postage overseas is hefty, though.

Ys7 Bonus Goodies

Persona PSP, No More Frustrating Navigation Controls

Meguro has been helping improve the quality of a ending theme song for a “certain project” but has managed to find time to post about more of the changes that will appear in the Persona PSP remake due in a week’s time.

  • Two control schemes during “adventure mode”; The D-pad works the same frustrating way the original PSX game did while the analogue stick will now allow you to move corresponding to the way the MC’s facing.
  • You can run by holding down the X button now, a common feature of all RPGs these days.
  • Save files will show the MC’s name and level etc. The bug that showed the name of the place where you saved as the room name when you load is fixed.
  • A handy spell and item will let you return to the dungeon entrance instantly unless you’re in the middle of an event.
  • Most of the BGM tracks have been kept within 500KB to help speed up loading times. This limit also means most of the re-composed tracks are just around 1 minute long.

So I guess that’s another reason why the soundtrack is being given away for free this time.


He also mentions you might be able to catch different BGMs each day if you click on the butterfly flying around on the official site

Persona PSP Opening

The opening for Atlus’ upcoming remake of Persona is up on their site now so you can hear a bit more of the theme song than what’s available in the sample music section of the site. Wasn’t going to post about it because I’m sure most people who are interested already check the site frequently. Lots of eyes!

I don’t think they’ve revealed who the vocalist is yet but I’m still fairly certain it’s Yumi Kawamura from P3 providing those powerful vocals. Been listening to the samples several times now so can’t wait to hear the full sound track!

Persona PSP OP

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Final Fantasy VII International for PS3 and PSP

Maybe this will help tone down all the speculations surrounding a remake of FFVII when that teaser was found at the end of Crisis Core.

FFVII International, which includes a number of changes that were later added in the US version, is available for download to play on the PS3 or PSP from today onwards in Japan for 1500 Yen (US$15). Good way to wet the fans’ appetites until tomorrow’s early première of Advent Children Complete eh? And only a week to go until the Blu-ray release too.

Will be looking forward to seeing the sharp and clear imagery in the HD version and what extra scenes they’ve added in. And of course, “On the Way to a Smileanimated.

FF7 International Edition