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Final Fantasy VII International for PS3 and PSP

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Final Fantasy VII International for PS3 and PSP

Maybe this will help tone down all the speculations surrounding a remake of FFVII when that teaser was found at the end of Crisis Core.

FFVII International, which includes a number of changes that were later added in the US version, is available for download to play on the PS3 or PSP from today onwards in Japan for 1500 Yen (US$15). Good way to wet the fans' appetites until tomorrow's early première of Advent Children Complete eh? And only a week to go until the Blu-ray release too.

Will be looking forward to seeing the sharp and clear imagery in the HD version and what extra scenes they've added in. And of course, "On the Way to a Smile" animated.

FF7 International Edition

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Xcomp Author

I don't know... Maybe SE will release it once the HD version of the AC movie is officially in the West.




Isn't it going to be released in the USA or Europe????