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Persona 3 Portable Vol. 1 Drama CD in August | ペルソナポータブル3ドラマCD Vol.1 八月発売 | 女神異聞錄3 Portable劇場CD第一集八月出

So, how have those of you in NA being enjoying the localised version of Persona 3 Portable? I think they did a good job with the original game so I presume they’ve done the same with the portable version.

Anyway, just wanted to let you Persona fans know the first P3P Drama CD is due out in August 28th this month, featuring all the new characters from the latest version of P3 and is available at the usual place.

It is summer and the female members of the S.E.E.S. are out in their Yukatas to go to the summer festival at Nagashima Shrine. Full of excitement for the event, there’s enough girls talk to make flowers bloom. On the other hand, the guys aren’t interested at all but when they take Koromaru out for a walk during the night, they come across the girls.

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Persona 3 Portable Official Fanbook

– Update –

Not really much to do with the fanbook but…

Just in case anyone’s been wondering why the Japanese gave the P3P Heroine the unofficial name “Hamuko”, Kita-san kindly explained that it maybe because in Atlus’ TGS2009 trailer, they named her as “主人 公子” instead of  “主人公” (which I think is most likely a typo). If you take “公子” then read the “公” as if it’s Katakana, you get “ハム” thus the unofficial name “ハムこ” ^^;

原來日本人叫P3P女主各「Hamuko」是可能因Atlus在某條知片打錯字、打了「主人 公子」.「公」讀成片仮名字就變成「ハム」^^;

– Update –

Well, every Persona fans should know about the fanbooks that get released by now. Despite being the third remake of Persona 3, the PSP Portable version has also been given its own fanbook – With a nice group illustration for the cover too.

You can view Kita-san’s preview of it at his blog. The layout and contents appear to be very similar – Photos used for the background and lots of text only this time, the character profiles are laid out like a blog. Highlights of the 192 page B5 size book are…

  • Concept art including early boxart designs.
  • Musical score sheet of the original P3 opening “Burn My Dread” and ending “Memories of You”.
  • Original short story and comic.
  • Persona Music Live 2009 coverage.
  • Interviews with the directors, sound producer and voice actors.
  • Fold-out poster.

Play-Asia doesn’t seem to stock it at the moment but you can always import from HMV Japan too or if you’re in the UK, try

As cute as the Heroine is (or MShe, Minako as fans call her), I think one P3 fanbook’s enough for me, though ^^;

So can we expect some P3P drama CDs, Atlus?


ヘロインのキャラクターデザインも可愛いですが、P3のファンブック一冊だけで十分かな ^^;


P3P也出了一本Fanbook. 内容可在Kita-san的網誌看到. 女主各的設計很可愛但我我一本己經夠 ^^;


Persona 3 Portable OST

Finally! After 3 weeks of waiting the Persona 3 Portable OST has finally arrived from PlayAsia! Was getting worried it was lost in the masses of Christmas post ^^;


終於寄到了!擔心我的Persona 3 Portable OST 在繁忙的聖誕郵寄失了(^^;

Persona 3 Portable OST

Wiping All Out
Vocals: Mayumi Fujita, Lotus Juice (Rap)
Lyrics: Lotus Juice

Been a little while but I’m still battling, moving fast
While you’re just prattling no time for me
No tangling, hit you in the spot with no angle and…

I’m not a princess
a lot of anger in it
Not a cutie girlfriend, oh no
Don’t you know?

Flashy rhymes coated with spangles
Add some sounds in it
It times wangles
Three dots connect to rectangles
Just like music sounds connect and rambles

You can not run away
hell nah, no man can run away
from me I stay in your head as
one big threat

It’s demolition
wiping all out
I won’t go, until it’s over

It’s coalition
pieces of wreckage
come to me
and let it be one















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Hilarious P3P Trailer Commentary, Name Those Tracks

It’s looking like I’m writing about nothing but P3P on this blog lately but never mind…

The official site has been updated with videos showing off the class tests, the new part-time jobs and a two new music samples. Also, everything that was hidden away on the front page are now available in their appropriate sections namely the wallpapers and four more music samples.

More P3P Music

  • Sound 5 – Master of Tartarus
  • Sound 6 – Master of Tartarus (Female version)
  • Sound 7 – Joy
  • Sound 8 – Joy (Female version)

The female version of “Master of Tartarus” rocks but I still like the male version’s style too. As for the S. Link track “Joy”, I think I prefer the cool male version instead of the newer lively female version.

Aside from the updates above, we have some hilarious commentary from the Velvet Room family for the trailer…

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Azusa Akido Goes Over A List of P3P Changes

Azusa Kido who was responsible for the fusion system in P3/P4, joins the direction team in P3P and goes over a long list of the new and improved features in this port.

  • Skill Cards
    Can be obtained from Personas, exchanged at the Antique Shop, bought over the TV or even cloned at the temple to allow Personas to inherit new skills. This allows players to customise Personas further than before and makes fusion a simpler process for beginners.
  • More Voice Acting
    Instead of simple greetings, the voice acting will cover more dialogue – Mainly focusing on S. Links that have reached rank 10 status to make the game even more memorable.
  • Command to Escape
    You can give out commands directly during battle and can tell them to escape.
  • Tiredness
    You and your party members now only get tired the following day after a good night’s fight making it easier to plan when to go exploring. You can also visit the Healing Shop to heal up tired members to “normal” status while normal status members will get “best condition”. There will even be an item at the school shop “Tsukare Trail” for healing up.
  • Dialogue Changes in Dungeon
    You can talk with your party members while exploring Tartarus and the dialogue changes depending on their status and what equipment they’re using and wearing.
  • Calendar Reminders
    The calendar has been moved from the main menu to your room allowing you to see past S. Link events such as when there was a rank up or when you were invited out so that anyone who stopped playing for a while, won’t forget what they did.
  • New Save Point
    You can now save in the classroom and the saved file has some new added info to it such as how long you’ve been playing the game.
  • Late Night Freedom
    During “late night” you could only choose to sleep or study but now you can also choose to leave your room and go out too if you wanted to.

Liking the changes so far but cloning skill cards… Wonder if that means people can spam moves. There will probably be a limit as to how many times you can visit the shrine to clone.

Would be great if the calendar lets you review past scenes and dialogue too!

Cloning skill cards at the temple.