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Persona Music Live Concert Coming to DVD

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Persona Music Live Concert Coming to DVD

Thanks to reader, Elly for this. Missed this because Atlus has yet to confirm it themselves on their Atlus-D online store.

It seems Aniplex will soon be publishing a recording of the Persona Music Live concert onto DVD soon on September 16th, an event that over 1400 people attended in Akasaka Blitz a few months ago! The slightly more expensive first press edition will cost 4410 Yen (US$46) and will include a CD filled with 24 live recordings of Persona music (extracted and converted from the DVD) complete with a sleeve.

According to the Sony Music Shop, the DVD will be 120 mins long, 16:9 aspect ratio and have Linear PCM audio which means it will most likely be 2.0 stereo sound but, I'm sure my sound card can do something about that so I can enjoy surround sound.

The DVD is already available for ordering from Play-Asia.

Persona Live DVD in September

And just a few days later after the release, there will yet be another Persona Music Live Concert taking place in Wel City, Tokyo at the Welfare Pension Hall. Details are scarce but I'm pretty sure Yumi Kawamura and Meguro will be there to perform the recent music from Persona PSP.

Wish I could attend in person! 参戦したいんだが、無理です・・・

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I can't wait for this! I've been waiting for it for quite some time now.




Ah, I see. I haven't seen Trinity Soul, though I'm hoping it will get a Western release soon...



Xcomp Author

What "Anonymous" said... He's one of the protagonists from the spin-off show "Persona Trinity Soul" which, is very vaguely related to Atlus' RPG series although they had a hand in supervising the show.

You should give them a shot if you like challenging gameplay and dark storylines filled with philosophical dialogue.




Ba! I wish they would give us a DVD of A Night in Fantasia 2007. But, Noooooo...... (hands in the air)

I've never played Persona. I got put of by the Taro cards. I assume they were Taro cards..... Doesn't mean I still don't want to play it....




He's Kanzato Shin from PERSONA -Trinity Soul-




The artwork on the flyer is quite attractive. Though who is the character sitting on the floor? The protagonist from the Persona PSP remake maybe? I don't recognise him...