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Only The Japanese Appreciate the Work of Others?


Only The Japanese Appreciate the Work of Others?

Here are the results of the recent international poll on the Wii's "Everybody Votes" channel asking, "At the end of a movie, do you watch the title credits to the end?" And the majority of results for every country apart from Japan was "No" surprisingly.

Well, I guess pretty much everyone here does leave at the end of a movie in the cinema...

Only Japan pays attention to credits.

I used to do the same for fairly much all forms of entertainment until just a few years ago when I started my blog and began to write reviews. That's when I thought it was important to have some facts in such as who was involved in the projects. Then I also started to think to myself that I should be able to enjoy more good works if I take a note of who the staff involved were.

It's proven to work so far in most cases.

Overall results.

If more people paid attention to the credits then, I doubt companies like Pixar would have to list every movie they're produced in their trailers such as in their latest work, "Up"... Can't wait to watch it by the way!

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Xcomp Author

I don't think I see Philippines on the list or any other countries close to that region - It's mainly just European countries ^^;

You make a good point though... Forgot about the extra footage at the end! But is there enough Japanese movies that have that to justify these results? I haven't watched enough to know except I pretty sure most Western movies don't have any. I do like watching the "bloopers" Pixar throws into their credits though!




Interesting. I wonder what the results for my corner of the world were.

I tend to linger all the way to the end, but it's got less to do with finding out who worked on the film and more to do with the possibility of post-credit bonus scenes/footage. I suspect some of those who voted "Yes" did so for similar reasons.

When it comes to Japanese films (including anime), if the end credits are not transcribed into romaji I generally skip them since my reading skills aren't nearly good enough to recognise names (especially where variant kanji readings are involved). In such cases, I'd usually rely on Wikipedia or ANN to find out more about the people behind the scenes.