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Hilarious P3P Trailer Commentary, Name Those Tracks

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Hilarious P3P Trailer Commentary, Name Those Tracks

It's looking like I'm writing about nothing but P3P on this blog lately but never mind...

The official site has been updated with videos showing off the class tests, the new part-time jobs and a two new music samples. Also, everything that was hidden away on the front page are now available in their appropriate sections namely the wallpapers and four more music samples.

More P3P Music

  • Sound 5 - Master of Tartarus
  • Sound 6 - Master of Tartarus (Female version)
  • Sound 7 - Joy
  • Sound 8 - Joy (Female version)

The female version of "Master of Tartarus" rocks but I still like the male version's style too. As for the S. Link track "Joy", I think I prefer the cool male version instead of the newer lively female version.

Aside from the updates above, we have some hilarious commentary from the Velvet Room family for the trailer...

Below is an edited version of Opfer_gv's translation over at GameFAQs. He/She did a pretty good job of it already.


"Degozaimasu" is the honorific form of "desu" which means "it is". The way Elizabeth stresses it at the end of her sentences is just to show how ironically funny it is she's trying to be polite when she really isn't here! I've left it out because there' no direct way of putting it in.

Teo also refers to Elizabeth as his "ane-ue" which is a more traditional way of refering to one's "older sister". I left it as "sis".

T: Sis, didn't you overdo it?
E: Teo, it's already started.
T: Oh, do excuse me.
E: Greetings. It's nice to meet you all again. This is Elizabeth. The day when I can finally introduce this new game without the presence of my master has come. Now lets get started about what's instore-
T: Sorry, sis but I've yet to give my introduction. This is all done voice only so I must insist-
E: And this is my not so worthy, silly little brother, Theodore. There you go.
T: What kind of introduction is that!
E: Teo, we have guests before us!
T: Err...
E: Now where were we again? Oh yes, we've watched this many times over but, it's still such wonderful a Persona summoning.
T: It is. But sis, shouldn't we explain about the Velvet Room...?
E: Well... Lets talk about how long our Master's nose is.
T: Why that!
E: Shhh! Quiet! It's one of those battles that finish loading extremely fast.
T: Wow... Then these are the everyday life scenes. They've been given improvements for a more pleasant gaming experience as well.
E: The PSP is a handheld console so to make it more convenient, we have customised it a lot.
T: Cust... Customize?
E: It means [you're a] kid.
T: I- I know that! Hahaha...
E: And in this version, we'll have two kind of visitors.
T: There will naturally be some differences enjoying youth as a male or female.
E: I will turn male.
T: No you won't.
E: And Teo will turn female.
T: No. What kind of differences are you...
E: Then our Master will turn...
T: Please STOP.
E: This portable version is jam packed with features. Truly it must be worth your money.
T: Why are you suddenly putting on a Tanaka TV Home Shopping impression...? Come on, it's almost over.
E: Well Teo, we should take this seriously until we finish.
T: That's my line!
E: I will grant you permission to say the title. Right, 3-2-1 go!
T: *Stumbling* Persona 3 Portable goes on sale November 1 2009.
E: *Sigh* And we were at the most interesting part too.

Lol, hilarious! Great opening line! What was Elizabeth thinking towards the end...? Anyway, now we're just missing the conversation from Persona Music Live 2009. Never knew Elizabeth's voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro also did Jun Kanzato's voice in Persona Trinity Soul - She's had quite a wide range of roles.


P3P Track Listing

And it looks like the two disc first press edition of the soundtrack, due November 25th, will get a sticker just like the P4 OST did. The track listing for the first disc that will contain all of the new Heroine's tracks will apparently be as follows.

  1. Soul Phrase (1:34)
  2. A Way of Life (2:20)
  3. After Class (2:18)
  4. Time (2:48)
  5. Wiping All Out (2:39)
  6. Sun (2:14)
  7. Easy Feelings (2:08)
  8. Danger Zone (2:51)
  9. Soul Phrase, Long Version (2:58)
  10. A Way of Life - Deep Inside My Mind Remix - (3:49)

Yup, Meguro wasn't joking when he said there really aren't that many new tracks. Take out the opening and remix track and you've only got a grand total of 7 new tracks - 6 of which we can hear samples of on the site.

I will probably pick it up anyway because some of the tracks are pretty catchy - Particularly the one during the day on the front page. Speaking of which, Play-Asia is currently offering 10% off the regular price which is almost enough to pay for shipping. Just hope they have a decent commentary booklet like the P3 OST had with lots of memorable screenshots from the game!

In the mean time, I thought I'd have a little fun trying to match up the tracks with the site's music samples and guessing which original tracks they will replace...

  1. New Opening
  2. When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars - First Semester, Sound 2
  3. After Class
  4. Tranquility [Yasuragi], Sound 4
  5. Mass Destruction - Battle Theme, Front Page at Night
  6. Changing Seasons - Second Semester, Front Page During the Day
  7. Joy, Sound 8
  8. Master of Tartarus - Boss Theme, Sound 6

Kind of hard guessing what Sound 8 is because it seems to be the only one not in order from that list unless it's actually the last remix track. Lets see if I'm right! Atlus should have a competition to guess the tracks!

Now I wonder if the American version will come with all the Heroine's soundtracks on a free CD?

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Hey, the video has been removed. i want to watch it, any links?



LHY Author

Hmmm, I can't seem to find it any more either... Don't see why Atlus didn't leave it on their site =/




Igor.. . I knew there was something wrong with that nose of his. It's... MAGICAL.




Awesome trailer. Makes me love Atlus even more.



Xcomp Author

Yeah, I still think it would have been better to have the Hero on one disc and the Heroine on another but then again, since they share the same files it wouldn't be a very efficient use of resources I guess.

Maybe someone asked them and they'll answer in an upcoming issue of Atlus Express.

That must be one magical nose, lol.




=D their master's noes is unstoppable, it causes one hit kills y'kno- and then they changed genders *_*;;;?!?!??!




heck, the only reason im spamming refresh is for ur persona updates




That trailer is hilarious. I too stumbled upon the translation on gamefaqs a few days ago.

I hope this disc comes with the english version of the game. I just want it to be localized soon though.

I wonder why couldn't Atlus place this game in 2 UMD... Bandai is doing that with .hack//LINK