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World of Final Fantasy Review

Two siblings Reynn and Lann find themselves in a deserted world where everything seems out of place but a “God” claims they’ve been around for a long time. Now they must travel around the world of Grymoire to find out more about themselves while saving it from the clutches of evil.

World of Final Fantasy’s gameplay is kind of similar to Pokemon – they probably played around with the idea from FFXIII 2 anyway. Fortunately, it plays a lot better. Of course, instead of being called Pokemon, they’re “Mirages” and to catch them you have to weaken them first but, Toseco takes it a step further because you need to use a certain kind of attack to weaken them further.

The story begins with Renn and Lann

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Yoru no Nai Kuni

Arnice and Lilysse re-unite

In the world of Yoru no Nai Kuni (Nights of Azure), a demon was defeated long ago and her blood scattered all over the world, turning everything it touched into demons. Now demons appear whenever it’s night, causing a lot of unrest sleepless nights and that’s why countries are now “nightless (yoru no nai)”. Two girls Lilysse and a half-bred, Arnice were born in this age, working as hunters and exorcising the areas they could to restore peace. When Lilysse is chosen as the next sacrifice to seal the evil away, Arnice is determined to find a way to defeat the Night for good.

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Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness Review

Feycreed is a planet where only magic and swords exist in the universe of Star Ocean 5. Lestia is under attack by their neighbouring country who has somehow gained new unknown powers. While helping with one of the battles, they rescue a little girl Lillia from a crashed spaceship. They decide to help find out where her home is and become part of a galactic space conflict.

Little kid with amnesia... or so it seems.

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Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Review

So Square-Enix announced a mysterious title called, “Project Setsuna” a long time ago and now it’s known as “Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna [Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow]” or “I Am Setsuna” in the West. Most people got a Chrono Trigger vibe from all the footage that got released. It might be from an unknown studio called Tokyo RPG Factory but for me, it looked like a fun JRPG to play.

Story is quite similar to FFX – Chosen girl, Setsuna is to go on a journey to sacrifice herself to maintain the peace in the world. Very straight forward plot. Just happens someone (the player) is sent to assassinate her but she pleads to be her escort since she’s going to die anyway.

Setsuna and Mr Assassin

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