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Octopath Traveler Guide

Octopath Traveller is quite a big game and with some of the mechanics falling back to the old JRPG days, it's not an easy game either so here are some tips that should help you.

There's more to do than just the main stories.


After clearing the first chapters, you might notice shrines as you explore Orsterra. These will allow you to unlock jobs as sub-jobs for characters which will make them much more useful such as Ophelia a cleric being able to use black magic instead of just white and boost their overall stats such as max HP. You can also mix and match any support skills from different jobs as long as you've unlocked them.

You don't actually have to fight anything. Just go in and obtain an artifact. Not all are so obvious and show on the world map so here's a list of them although if you're in the right area, you'll notice a shrine icon appearing as a waypoint.

Visit a shrine to unlock a new class.

Job Location
Merchant Moonstruck Coast north of Stonegard.
Huntress East Victors Hollow Trail.
Apothecary East Saintsbridge Traverse.
Cleric Western Stillsnow Wilds
Dancer Northern Wellspring Sands
Scholar Western Noblecourt Flats
Warrior North Stonegard Pass
Thief South Quarrycrest Pass

Advanced Jobs

These powerful jobs will require you to defeat a boss and recommends you're at least level 50 before attempting them.

I didn't have too much of a problem with my party at around level 52 with the exception of Warmaster which was a DPS race during the last phase. I didn't have Cyrus the scholar levelled to boost my DPS high enough to finish the boss before she unleashed a huge chain of attacks so it wasn't until I unlocked Starseer and Sorcerer that I managed to win.

Overhealing by equipping your party members with the cleric's "Saving Grace" support skill will help so that you have more HP than whatever's your max HP.

The advanced jobs have some really powerful skills.

Job Location

North Riverford Traverse. Riverford can be found southwest of Quarrycrest.

Now you'll have one member that covers all weapons and the support skill "Extra Experience" grants you well... extra XP after battles. "Winnehild's Battle Cry" is a deadly divine skill that unleashes an attack from each of the six weapon types.


Western Wispermill Flats. This is a little trickier to spot. As soon as you exit Wispermill there is a path between the red flag and cows you can go into.

This class has handy skills such as +BP/turn, multi-buffs and immunity to debuffs. Support skill "Hard Worker" grants extra JP after battles and "Divine Aura" has a 25% chance of nullifying damage!


West Everhold Pass just near the save point there's a chest and to the right of it there's a path obstructed by rocks you can follow.

This job has skills that enhance attacks with elemental damage. It's so powerful that even a regular attack from a cleric can out damage a sorcerer's spell. Can also use the divine skill "Balogar's Blade" to unleash a 6 element magic attack.


East Duskbarrow Trail

If you thought scholar was powerful because they can cast a spell twice, sorcerer lets you cast three times and can cast any element too.

Farming "Leaves" Money

Money has never been a problem in Final Fantasy or even the more recent Bravely games. However, you'd probably find yourself struggling here early in the game even if you thoroughly go about exploring dungeons to hunt down all the treasure.

What you can do is if you recruit Tressa and also Cyrus then unlock his "Evasive Maneuvers" skill, you can run around near the entrance of high level dungeons which will let her gather money from "unfortunate souls". The longer you walk/run around before you leave the area, the more money you'll get. e.g. At level 20 I visited a level 43 area and got 2K in less than 1 minute just doing this. Zoning between level 50 and 47 areas you can make 30K in 5 mins or so.

It's boring but it feels like the quickest way to make money. I found a good way of tracking how long you've been running around for is to remember what part of the background music is playing. You may also want to unlock Ophilia's "Evil Ward" so that if you ever end up encountering the enemy you have a chance to escape.

Whatever way you choose, once you've finished one character's story you shouldn't have money problems any more since you can almost breeze your way through the other chapters and save money that way.

The unfortunate drops a lot of money...

Levelling Up

It's back to the level grinding of old JRPGs. Even Bravely you didn't have to grind this much. So, that means you find spots where you can wipe out an entire group of enemies instantly with a single AoE attack. If you're lucky, you just might encounter a Cait Sith carrying a rucksack while running around the fields. He appears about once in every 30 battles.

You can also try your luck with Primrose's "Bewildering Grace (BG)" dance while you're grinding which gives a random good or bad effect. Most of the time it will be bad such as a debuff, ailment status or leaving your entire party with 1 HP leaving them vulnerable to the enemy...

Unlucky this time.

Some of the good effects are XP/JP multipliers 2x, 5x or even 100x. If you're really, really, really lucky you might even get 100x XP bonus and summon Caith Sith at the same time. At that point you'll need to use magic spells to hit him. Physical attacks will always miss. And yes, the multipliers can stack too. You can roll 2x XP twice if you boost first and end up with 4x XP! I managed to get the 100x multiplier twice towards the mid-game during level 50s and got 70K worth of XP in one battle.

However, I wouldn't try too many times. Just save up BP (having a merchant helps) and use the skill once with as much BP as you got. If you get the multiplier great! If not, just finish off the battle and try again the next time.

Just be sure to save often if you use multiple BP with the skill because you can get hit with a 1 HP attack and then get wiped with an explosion... Yay!

Got an XP multiplier!

There are also two accessories you can obtain to ease the grinding.

First the "Captain's Badge" which is a quest after you finish Ophelia and Olberic's stories. Find Bale in Wellspring and speak to him twice to get the "Back With Bale" quest. Go to Goldshore Cathedral to scrutinise/inquire Bishop Donovan then return to report and you'll have the a 1.5x XP multiplying accessory.

Next is the "Badge of Friendship" which will require you finished Ophelia's story. Go to Saintsbridge: Upstream to speak with Emil, the little boy to get the "Friends Again" quest. Find the bully back in the main area just off the bridge and buy/steal the River Blossoms off him then return and give it to their friend Nate. You'll now have a 1.5x JP accessory.

Captain's Badge can boost XP.

Once you hit the level 50s you will probably have or should be unlocking the advanced jobs. Warmaster's "Extra Experience" and Starseer's "Hard Worker" support skills will give you extra XP and JP too which stacks with the accessories mentioned above!

You can visit Forest of Purgation west of Wispermill where an enemy called Chubby Cait can often appear and just like Cait Sith, only magic can hit him and defeating him can give you lots of XP/JP. About 3K XP and 1.6K JP without multipliers. If you equip the Forbidden Bow and Alluring Ribbon you can increase enemy encounter rates to speed things up too. Just don't forget to remove the Evasive Maneuvers skill.

Rare mob Chubby Cait gives some good XP.

Revenants are rare but if you do come across them in the forest be sure to finish them off quickly. They have around 17K HP and they can be deadly after they use Overclock to buff themselves up. If you have the opportunity, you can also steal Revitalising Jam off them - an extremely rare item you can't buy that fully recovers HP, SP and BP. You'll probably need it later if you plan to take on the secret dungeon.

Revitalising Jam is hard to come by.

By mid 60s you'll want to have a mage such as Cyrus, Ophelia or Primrose with Sorcerer subbed and equip them with the support skills Boost Start (Starseer), Patience (Hunter) so that you'll mostly get the first hit. Then you can do a proper level grind and finish battles almost as quickly as you started. I stuck with Primrose because she seems to be the speediest and mostly gets the first hit. Only the Sorcerer should have Patience, no one else. SP Saver (Merchant) is optional or you'll be using lots of Inspiriting Plums to restore SP.

Bump up your elemental attack as high as possible with the right gear and Sorcerer's support skills so you can end the battles quickly in one turn and it won't be worth using BG any more. Breaks will give you bonus XP. However, if your dancer gets their turn before the sorcerer or you happen to encounter a Chubby Cait and manage to defeat it first, you can try using BG a few times to get a multiplier to bump up the XP. Otherwise, don't bother and just opt to speed through battles instead.

Other members can have skills such as Heighten Senses (Hunter), Grows on Trees (Merchant) and Intimidation (Sorcerer) to weaken enemies and save leaves while grinding.

Guiding, Alluring, Purchasing and Stealing Made Easier

Ever wondered if there's a way to increase the success rate for the story path skills?

Well, levelling up works but it only increases your success rate by tiny percentages. You actually have to make use of the inquire and scrutinise skills to talk to NPCs in various places to increase your chances. Catch is some of these NPCs are usually behind a "guard" so you'll also have to provoke/challenge. If you choose provoke, you need some powerful tamed monsters to win the fight so it's probably easier challenging - especially with warmaster subbed and you have Winnehild's Battle Cry skill.

You'll notice that if you fail you can lose reputation and then have to pay a fee at the pub to reset it before any NPCs will talk to you again. However, you can avoid this if you use the correct skills. For example if you use H'aanit's Provoke, you risk a reputation drop but if you use Olberic's Challenge instead, you won't. Alfyn's Inquire also has no risks compared to Cyrus' Scrutinise (no success rate either!).

Either way, both will require either party member to be levelled high enough before you can gain the following bits of info. Smarter Bartering will let you purchase items off NPCs much cheaper.

Some info increases the success rate of path skills such as steal.

Location Info Details
Atlasdam Guide With Ease Apothecary at the end of the central path near the entrance to the next area.
Smarter Bartering Little boy that's with a group of other children towards the centre.
Stonegard Smarter Bartering Brunette near the far right exit.
Guide With Ease Stonegard Heights, to the right of fountain, the girl on the stairs.
Quarrycrest Smarter Bartering As soon as you enter, the man by the entrance.
Undeniable Allure Woman behind the item store.
Grandport Thieving Tips & Tricks Grandport, old lady inside the house just pass the bridge. You'll have to defeat the man (strength 7) outside.
Smarter Bartering Grandport Bazaar, aristocat woman on the right.
East Noblecourt Undeniable Allure As soon as you enter, the man on the arch.
Thieving Tips & Tricks To the right of the weapon store, the man with a cat next to him.
Wispermill Guide With Ease After finishing Opheria's story. Bottom-right old lady near the entrance to the grotto.
Flamesgrace Guide With Ease Cleric just north of the save point before the next area.
Goldshore Guide With Ease Man you meet as soon as you enter Goldshore Manor District.
Saintsbridge Guide With Ease Saintsbridge Cathedral, as soon as you enter, the cleric on the left.
Rippletide Smarter Bartering Man standing guard outside the house left of the inn.
Victors Hollow Smarter Bartering Antique dealer near the stairs.
Marsalim Thieving Tips & Tricks As soon as you enter, the woman by the stairs.
Riverford Thieving Tips & Tricks Inside the tavern, soldier furthest to the right.
Bolderfall Thieving Tips & Tricks Woman as soon as you enter next to the item store.
Everhold Amphitheatre Thieving Tips & Tricks / Undeniable Allure After finishing Primrose's story, make your way back to the second floor. Inquire/scrutinise the Ushers there.
Northreach Thieving Tips & Tricks Old lady inside the house on the left of the weapon store. Must defeat the townsperson (strength 8) outside.
Wellspring Thieving Tips & Tricks House next to the tavern. You'll have to defeat the guard (strength 9) before inquiring the merchant on the left inside.
Sunshade Tavern Undeniable Allure

Patron with the headdress an the top-left table next to the brunette.

Stillsnow Undeniable Allure Old man near the far right exit.


If you're missing good weapons and tired of farming for money, here are some that are free and fairly easy to get access to. You'll need Therion to open up the purple locked chests and with the Evade Manuever, Evil Ward abilities you should be able to walk in and take these.

There's quite a lot of good gear you can buy after finishing each character's story too. You will have to buy using Tressa's Purchase ability and if you're lucky, she'll sometimes haggle so that you get the items at a cheaper price. Or, if Therion's support skill is high enough you could steal for free although some really rare powerful gear you will just have to buy.

Most of the good weapons are in locked chests.

Type Name Phsy Elem Effects How to Obtain
Axe Battle-tested Axe 350 250 Increases lightning and ice damage dealt. After finishing Olberic's story get it from Ned at Victors Hollow for 53K.
Axe Rune Hatchet 100 278   Steal/purchase from the Mysterious Knight that first appears outside the entrance to Dragonsong Fane. Or if you already beat him you'll find him as Cervante at Riverford.
Axe Forbidden Axe 391 0 -50 Accuracy +80 Speed In the house next to the tavern in Wellspring for 66K. Must defeat the guard first.
Axe Double Tomahawk 95 0 198 Accuracy. 2x normal attack. After finishing Olberic's story (ch2?) find Archibold at Stonegard Valley at the far end outside the church for 64K.
Axe Death Cleaver 380 0 140 Crit, Can poison. Found in a level 55 area in West Everhold Pass. Once inside follow the second bottom row of stairs on the right up. There will be a hidden passage way near the locked treasure chest as shown here. And the locked chest itself contains a very good staff for mages too.

You can also buy the staff from the Troubled Villager in Wispermill after you finish Ophelia's story for 62K.

Omar will also sell the staff for 65K after you finish Tressa's story in Lower Bolderfall. Next to him, Morlock will sell you another staff.
Staff Knowledge Staff 111 333 99 Speed
Staff Bishop's Staff 187 352 Increased light damage. After finishing Ophelia and H'aanit's stories, talk to Lianna in the Flamesgrace cathedral and she will head to Wispermill. You can get it as a reward for completing the quest "Lianna and Eliza". This quest involves provoking/challenging someone (strength 8) at the end of the Forest of Purgation.

You can also another one from Lianna for 84K.
Staff Battle-tested Staff 212 399 Can slow target. Saintsbridge Cathedral for 90K from the bishop.
Staff Absolute Zero Staff 132 293 Increase ice damage dealt. After finishing Cyrus' story find Princess Mary at Rippletide to get the quest, "Princess Mary, Redux". Then find Professor Paul inside Undertow Cove who you'll have to allure/guide back to her.
Dagger Forbidden Dagger 285 155 Reduces fire/dark damage received. Good weapon for dancer. Just West of Wispermill is Forest of Purgation (level 58 area). Once you enter, head left from the save point, pass a bridge you'll find the chest.

Another can be obtained from a chest inside Maw of the Ice Dragon (Southern Northreach Wilds) after you defeat Dreadwolf.
Dagger Viper Dagger 332 0 132 Speed. Poison. Found to the east of Marsalim in the Marsalim Catacombs (level 50 area) and in another locked chest just past to the right of the save point.
Dagger Legion Dagger 263 0 129 Evasion After finishing H'aanit's story you can purchase this from Alaic at Victors Hollow at the entrance for 44K.
Dagger Ultimate Breaker 242 0 128 Speed. Can confuse target. Grandport Market from a merchant to near the ship for 31K.
Dagger Heathcote's Dagger 199 346 Increase fire damage dealt. After finishing Therion's story, return to Heathcote at the Bolderfall mansion to get the quest "Heathcote's High Jinks". Find the old man Nighteye near the windmill in Wispermill (he'll talk about the butler) and guide/allure him back.
Dagger Adamantine Dagger 167 299 Increases dark damage dealt. After finishing Primrose and H'aanit's stories, find poor Arianna in Stillsnow for "Arianna Again". Guide/allure her to meet Natalia in Stonegard Valley. Next, find Oren in Stillsnow and do the same. Everyone's happy ^^
Bow Holy Bow 246 0 103 Crit Found south of Orewell, Dragonsong Fane (level 50 area), follow the long stairs up left of the save point. You also might as well pick up the Crystal Helm while you're at it which is to the right of the save point, down some stairs and at the back in a red chest.
Bow Transcedent Bow of Shadows 306 245 Elem. Confusion Via the side quest "Shadow Over The Sands". You'll need Alfyn at level 30 so that you can inquire about the quest from the wounded Staid Soldier in Northern Wellspring Sands. Afterwards, you'll have to fight a python and its master in the Quicksand Caves in the southeast of the same area.
Bow Battle-tested Bow 384 0 186 Crit. Can lower target's physical def. After finishing H'aanit's story, buy it from her master Z'aanta for 84K in S'warkii.
Bow Forbidden Bow 282 0 121 Crit. Increases enemy encounter rate. For 72K when which you can buy off the elderly woman at Goldshore near the bridge to the north area. Good for levelling.
Bow Augmented Bow of the Falcon 182 182 62 Critical Inside the house next to the tavern in Wellspring for 39K. Must defeat the guard outside first.
Bow Primeval Bow of Storms 241 342 Increases wind damage dealt. After finishing H'aanit's story, find Alaic as you enter Victors Hollow for "Again with Alaic". Allure/guide him to the pirate leader in Forest of No Returns (west exit of the Arena Gates) for a fight.
Lance Forbidden Spear 320 303 -98 Speed Defeat the man next to the item store in Quarrtcrest and you'll be able to buy this for 69K from the old lady via Tressa.
Lance Rune Glaive 120 363 48 Evasion Merchant at the Grandport Market sells it for 42K.
Lance Master's Spear 355 0 151 Critical After finishing Olberic's story (after chapter 2?) you can buy it from Conrad the Impaler in East Noblecourt for 62K.
Sword Deathly Blade 219 0 Occasionally kills target instantly. Get the "Into Thin Air" quest from the Laconic Father in front of the inn, Victors Hollow then find Ellie inside the Forest of No Return (west exit of Arena Gates). You'll have to fight a boss and then allure/guide his daughter back.
Sword Unseen Saber 235 0 100 Evasion. Confuses occasionally. After finishing Olberic's story you can buy this from Gaston for 47.5K in Cobblestone.
Sword Harald's Sword 380 120 Increased fire damage dealt. After finishing Olberic's story, a side quest "Hello Again, Harald" is available from Reggie at Riverford. Speak to him twice then go to Wellspring to buy/steal back the heirloom "Memorial Necklace" from the merchant. Note, the merchant (one in the middle) is found in the building next to the tavern so you will have to provoke/challenge the guard outside it first.
Sword Dragon Saber 273 0 120 Crit. After finishing Olberic's story (ch2?) you can go to Northreach and purchase it from Joshua for 50K.
Sword Battle-tested Blade 400 0 150 Crit. Augments physical abilities. After finishing Olberic's story, buy it for 84K from Erhardt in Wellspring.


The best armour are from NPCs or as quest rewards.

Type Name Phsy Elem Effects How to Obtain
Head Adamant Hat 104 180 80 Elem Atk Southern Northreach Wilds, Maw of The Ice Dragon (level 45). In a locked chest not too far in.

A second one's available from Angela in Northreach after you complete Olberic's story.

Also available from a locked chest in the second area of Ebony's Grotto east of Wispermill. Need to finish Ophelia and H'aanit's story first.
Head Hasty Helm 50 58 78 Speed After finishing Olberic's story (chapter 2?) you can buy this from Wallace Wildsword for 7K in Borderfall's tavern.
Head Revello's Helm 108 78 Slightly reduces dark damage taken. After finishing Cyrus and Primrose's stories find Revello in Quarrycrest for the quest "Revello and Odette". Inquire/scrutinise Odette then report to Revello in the big house, East Noblecourt.
Shield Forbidden Shield 116 133 -171 Evasion Grandport Markets. Way at the back where the arena is there is a merchant to the left who sells it.
Shield Battle-tested Shield 132 0 -88 Evasion. Restore HP/SP after every action. After finishing Olberic's story (chapter 2?) you can buy this from Grieg The Unbreakable for 44K at Marsalim.
Shield Force Shield 102 102 -69 Evasion After finishing Olberic's story (ch2?) you can buy this from Joshua for 25K in Northreach.
Shield Mikk and Makk's Shield 80 80 178 Evasion After finishing Tressa and Therion's stories find the two again inside the scholar Barlam's home in Noblecourt. Now provoke/challenge and win the fight against the "Captain Leon" just up the stairs.
Body Robe of the Flame 126 317 +56 SP After finishing H'aanit's story. In Marsalam palace, the farthest room in the right corridor. General Lenaar sells it for 48K.

During chapter 2 of Olberic's story, you can buy one from the merchant in Victors Hollow too also for 48K.
Body High House's Armor 158 78 Slightly reduces fire damage. After completing Tressa's story, buy it from Wyndham for 35K at Grandport Market outside the auction house.
Body Crystal Armour 300 0 Nothing As soon as you finish Olberic's story you buy this from Gaston outside in Cobblestone for 57K.
Body Confessional Armour 212 0 Slightly reduces ice damage. After finishing Olberic's story (chapter 2?), you can buy this from Bernhard in S'warkii.

After finishing Cyrus' story go to Stonegard to find the scholar Russell and accept the quest "Russell's Repentance". Inquire/scrutinise "Know-It-Alls" in Bolderfall (old man on platform north of inn), Stillsnow (just outside the church), Duskbarrow (next to save point).
Body Crystal Vest 205 205   After finishing Olberic's story (chapter 2?) buy for 53K from Ned in Victors Hollow.
Body Dragonscale Armour 235 0 +108 Crit After finishing Olberic's story you can buy it for 46K from Bale.
Body Sorcerer's Robe 107 282 +50 Elem Atk Noble Court, Elderly Woman and from Orlic after you finished Therion's story.

A third one is available from the woman as soon as you enter Everhold.
Accessory Elemental Augmentor 0   +100 Elem Atk After finishing Cyrus' story get it from Princess Therese at Royal Academy of Atlasdam for 4K.
Accessory Blessed Blazon 100 100   After finishing Tressa and Therion's stories, find Cordelia at Grandport to get the quest "Keeping Up with The Wyndhams". Afterwards, you'll  have to provoke/challenge the pirate just outside the town on West Grandport Coast then report to her.
Accessory Empowering Necklace     +1000 HP Injured merchant in Western Wispermill Flats.

Another one's available from Goldshore, Marlene inside a house after finishing Alfyn's story.

One is also available from the Theater Manager in Everhold Amphitheatre (after finishing Primrose or everyone's story?).

Secret Dungeon - Gate of Finis

If you've been paying attention to the stories you must have heard the name several times by now. As usual with SE games, there's another optional dungeon for those up for a challenge. Even if you're not you might want to try it anyway because there's a bit of post story in it for each character (or just watch YouTube I guess...). The final boss is very hard but the good news is, you don't have to defeat him to enjoy the post story.

To unlock this dungeon you must complete all character stories and complete the following chain of side quests.

Quest Details
Daughter of Darkness I & II

Go to Bolderfall, Ravus Manor Gate. Guess who the daughter of darkness is? Speak to Alphas the guard (strength 5) and challenge/provoke him. Once you defeat him you'll get Lyblac's attention.

Find Lyblac again at Saintsbridge to the far left on the bridge then inquire/scruitinise Alpha for his poem.

Go Saintsbridge: Upstream and give the poem to Flora with the red dress standing in front of the cathedral.

Kit, The Traveler Chances are you might have completed this quest already.

Remember the starting location for your main starting character? Well, you might have come across a blonde, long-haired character named "Kit" and if you already gave him a grape then you'll have already completed this quest. Check your journal to see if you have and if not, here is a list of the starting towns.

Ophelia - Flamesgrace, Northern Flamesgrace Wilds
Cyrus - Atlasdam, East Atlasdam Flats
Tressa - Rippletide, East Rippletide Coast
Olberic - Cobbleston, South Cobbleston Gap
Primrose - Sunshade, Southern Sunshade Sands
Alfyn - Clearbrook, West Clearbrook Traverse
Therion - Bolderfall, South Bolderfall Pass
H'annit - S'warkii
In Search of Father I & II

After completing "Kit, The Traveler" above, head to Noblecourt to find him by the bridge and get the quest.

Go to the east area and find the Aspiring Actor underneath the arch and guide him to Kit.

Travel to Grandport and steal/purchase the Lapis Lazuli from the Traveling Merchant just at the bottom of the stairs by the weapon store.

Travel to Goldcoast and make your way to Moonstruck Coast. Hand over the Lapiz Lazuli to Kit.

Now travel to S'warkii and make your way to West S'warkii Woods where you'll find Impresario near the save point. Talk to him, defeat the boss Azure-Eyed Tiger then talk to him again. You'll now be able to travel to Ruins of Hornburg which is to the south of Osterra.

Ruins of Hornberg, the secret dungeon.

This dungeon is a one way trip and there are no save points inside. Once you enter you won't be able to freely teleport back out either so be well prepared! It's a long run that will take an hour at least to beat but luckily we can set the Switch on standby any time we want of course.

Some people manage to beat this around late level 50s but, it would be best if you equipped your characters well and levelled them all to around 70. Stock up well on items too and maybe bring decent NPCs along to support you.

If you win, be sure to save in a seperate file if you want to fight the secret boss again because the dungeon will be sealed off afterwards.

Good luck!

...Or if you want to find out what to lookout for during the fight, read on.

Gate of Finis... Are you ready?

First you'll have to fight tougher versions of 8 past bosses which are mostly from the characters stories at your own pace. Once you've defeated them you'll be forced to split up your 8 characters into 2 parties which is why I suggested having all characters levelled.

Setup was the following for me.

Character Job Support Skills
Party 1
Therion Thief / Apothecary

Physical Prowess (Warmaster)
Patience (Hunter)
Saving Grace (Cleric)
Resist Ailments (Apothecary)

H'aanit Hunter / Warrior BP Eater (Starseer)
Surpassing Power (Warrior)
Physical Prowess
Saving Grace
Ophelia Cleric / Scholar Elemental Edge
Divine Aura (Starseer)
Saving Grace
Surpassing Power
Cyrus Scholar / Sorcerer Elemental Edge
Surpassing Power
Saving Grace
BP Eater
Party 2
Olberic Warrior / Warmaster Physical Prowess
Surpassing Power
BP Eater
Saving Grace (Cleric)
Tressa Merchant / Runelord Patience
Resist Ailments
Saving Grace
Elemental Edge
Primrose Dancer / Cleric Elemental Edge (Runelord)
Saving Grace
Surpassing Power
Alfyn Apothecary / Starseer Saving Grace
Elemental Edge
Patience (Hunter)
Divine Aura

Don't use optimise for assigning gear because it will probably get it wrong. Do the usual, assign gear manually and bump up the elemental attack stats as high as you can for mages and give them some HP accessory. Melee jobs should have their physical attacks bumped up.

The apothecaries Alfyn and Therion have a very important role in this fight. They should have the support skill Patience (Hunter) so that they can skip the queue to do the following when needed:

  1. Use Energizing Pomegranates on Alyn and Therion when needed to fill up their BP so they can use the apothecary's Divine skill "Dohter's Charity" so items affect all members.
  2. Keep Dohter's Charity active and save at least 3 BP to use it again when the effect is nullified.
  3. Use Energizing Pomegranates, Refreshing Jam, Revitalising Jam when needed.

The idea is to keep BP high so that your party members can unleash as much damage in as short a time as possible or perform breaks. If you keep your eye on buff resets and keep the stacks up, you should be fine.

Now's the time not to hold back so you might as well spend all those permanent stat boosting nuts on characters who need them if you haven't already.

For this strategy I used around 4 Refreshing Jams and 6 Revitalising Jams so hopefully you haven't used them all up. You should have saved up quite a few from chests if you explored dungeons thoroughly enough. Otherwise, you can steal some Revitalising Jam from bosses such as the Heavenwing inside Carrion Caves (South Bolderfall Pass), Dreadwolf in Maw of the Ice Dragon (Southern Northreach Wilds) or rare enemies such as the Revenants that appear in Forest of Purgation. They can also be bought/stolen from NPCs such as Olneo the merchant (Rippletide).

Split characters into two parties.

First Half

Tough part about this fight is killing all the Souls at the same turn before it's the eye's turn which will respawn them all again. And, if you don't break/kill them fast enough you're going to be hit with some nasty debuffs and ailments. The nastiest one is probably the poison and the green aura that not just drains your HP but also your BP and SP too.

Phase 1

Have Ophelia keep "Aelfric's Ausprices" on Cyrus by stacking the divine skill so that he can always double cast his spells. The first soul is easy enough with light weakness. For the second group of two, have H'aanit break the top soul with bow attacks while Cyrus uses wind/ice spells. H'aanit can use her divine skill "Draefendi's Rage" to deal some higher damage afterwards.

As mentioned above, Therion's role is mainly to keep using the divine skill "Dohter's Charity" so he can keep everyone's BP/SP replenished but should also help break the eye with axe attacks.

Once the eye's alone it's your opportunity to deal as much damage as possible. Lower its elemental defence with Cyrus' "Elemental Break" and break it using axe attacks with H'aanit and Therion. Then Cyrus can keep hitting it with light spells while Ophelia can alternate between keeping Ausprices up, using light spells or staff attacks for breaking. Therion can help keep BP filled to bump up skill damage with Cyrus being the main damage dealer.

The eye's weaknesses are dagger, axe, staff, lightning and light.

Phase 2

The three souls is a bit trickier because every time you hit them, their weakness changes. However, instead of trying to hit them until the weaknesses match, exploit their weakness one after the other. i.e. target the first soul's weakness first, then the second, then the third and you'll break them all while dealing damage. With Ausprices in effect, you'll defeat all three before the eye can revive them.

Phase 3

Eventually it will respawn the three Souls again with the same weaknesses but numbers will appear above your party members. If you don't destroy them in time and the counter reaches zero, the party member will get KOed but if you've been keeping the divine skills stacked, you shouldn't have a problem wiping them out in time. Keep BP/SP filled, keep breaking the eye and hit them with your best area attacks. At this point, the eye is no longer protected by the souls so just let Cyrus use light spells to break and exploit its weakness.

If your DPS isn't high enough then the eye will replenish HP by devouring the souls. Then he will start using petrification so hopefully you still have the "Herb-of-Grace Potions" from H'aanit's story.

Second Half

This fight can be quite nasty but tactics don't change too much.

Main difference is Tressa should cast Transfer Rune followed by Light Rune to increase and exploit weaknesses. Afterwards you should use her merchant skill Sidestep while Transfer Rune is still in effect and it will help the entire party evade physical attacks. This can be stacked up.

Alfyn should reserve BP to keep Charity up and replenish everyone's BP while Olberic will keep using divine skill "Winnehild's Battle Cry".

You will want to destroy parts in the following order...

  1. Abyssal Maw - Sword
  2. Blade of The Fallen - Ice / Lightning / Wind
  3. Lyblac - Sword, light.

Once only Galdera's left you'll have to wait until his veil of darkness disappears before you can damage him so, you can use this opportunity to replenish BP and stack up Sidestep on party members. It's important you keep everyone's BP up and keep breaking Galdera because he can speed up fast and start using "Exterminate" which can KO two of your members in a single turn. Sidestep will help your party survive the attack.

His weaknesses are lance, dagger, bow, ice and light so Olberic, Primrose and Tressa can hit him with regular dagger/lance attacks to break when needed. Otherwise Olberic can use Battle Cry.

As I mentioned earlier, be sure to save in a seperate file if you want to fight him again. Would have been nice if SE let you skip the 8 bosses and re-challenge Galdera after you beat him. Not sure if the intention was to discourage players from trying to perform a speed fight.

I was also hoping for some extra rare almighty piece of gear as a reward but, you just get a Spurning Ribbon that disables all enemy encounters but oh well... Have fun!

The reward? A Spurning Ribbon...

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