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Fate/Grand Order: Lancer Scathach 1/7 Scale Figure, CN Version Review

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Fate/Grand Order: Lancer Scathach 1/7 Scale Figure, CN Version Review

I always wanted to try Fate/Grand Order the mobile game since I've been a fan of the Fate/Night series but, the gameplay turned out to be quite mundane and the gatcha system didn't feel very exciting with simple colour swaps. Can't say much about the story either since I haven't played that far in.

That said, I came across this Lancer Scathach figure and thought it had an interesting pose with great detail on the hair and clothing.

So, let's see how this bootleg version of PMOA's 1/7 scale figure measures up to the real figure sold back in 2016 November for 13500 Yen (£91).

Scathach bootleg comes in few parts.

  • Gae Bolg Alternative spear made up of 2 parts.
  • Left arm.
  • Base.

Figure itself is approx 25cm in height including the base but once you add the lance in, it's approx 33cm x 19cm so you might not find room on a bookcase shelf to place her.

You probably won't notice from the photos but her hair actually flows across the lance.

Usually bootlegs only use a single tone of colour and lacks the finer gradients of the original but some are actually visible on the hair and even the clothing.

I think this is the best bootleg figure I've come across so far because I could hardly find any flaws at first...

However, you might have noticed something off by now.

She's supposed to be holding the Gae Bold Alternative spear with both hands but unfortunately, the arms aren't at the correct angle.

Scathach's face matches the original so that's good.

Say hi to Scathach.

Nice detailed shoulder pads.

Detailed shoulder pads.

Other than the blotch on her Scathach's top, the rest of the paintwork is really well replicated.

Bit of ugly paintwork here.

The lance was actually in perfect condition compared to other bootleg figures where the weapons had paint coming off. Very detailed and impressive looking too.

Same with the base. Amazingly, the base actually fits onto both feet though! None of the other bootlegs I've come across actually manage to fit both feet into position. Has a pretty incantation on it too.

Base and Spear of Gae Bolg Alternative

As usual, there are telltale signs though. PLUM has actually put a notice up about bootlegs on their blog. If you look at the box you'll see the Fate/Grand Order logo is missing on the bottom-left as well as the PLUM logo that should be on the bottom-right. The top-left corner is missing the Type-Moon (TM) holographic seal of approval too.

On the other hand, they actually replicated the instructions for putting the lance on the figure which bootlegs usually don't bother with.

Packaging missing logos and also holographic approval sticker.

Photos of the real figure can be found on Dengeki HobbyHacchaka's Blog and Toy Navi.

Bootleg Characteristics

  • They will actually label the figure "China version".
  • Lance doesn't fit in both hands.
  • Bit of crude paintwork.
  • Box is missing the Fate/Grand Order and PLUM logos as well as the holographic sticker.

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