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Back in the UK

Got back to Glasgow seven in the morning. First thing you’ll probably notice is all the greenery here as you’re landing compared to in HK. Then once you get off the plane, you feel the cold biting in. I’d rather be in the heat than in the cold which appears to be what the majority of people on Everybody Votes seem to prefer too.

Time to catch up on Beast Player Erin, Kurokami and whatever else I’ve been missing! You’ll also find I’ve updated the Ngong Ping 360, Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui and Rural Area posts with short videos as I said I would. You’ll find a few of them here too in case you can’t be bothered running through those posts again. First time I’ve done video editing like this.

Back in Glasgow, UK.

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part VII, The Rural Areas

Well well, time flies. It’s almost time for me to return to the UK so this will probably be my last post before then.

If the urban surroundings of the “concrete forest” (as Hong Kong people refer to the high rise building surroundings) or tourist attractions don’t tempt you, you could always visit the rural areas where the shops are a little less modern looking and you’ll find some of the owners often putting out their edible goods to dry in the sun like on this chair.

Communication might be a problem though since a lot of the people can’t even speak broken English which is perhaps one of the reasons why you don’t see tourists around and neither are there bilingual menus.

In the rural areas of Tai Po.

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part IV, Import Goods

Spent some time going around the stores to see if I could find some of the import goods I was planning to order online before I left for Hong Kong.

Sogo is one of them at Causeway Bay which is a Japanese department store complete with elevator ladies and all the other customs you would expect from Japan after watching all those J-dramas and Anime.

At Sogo

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