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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part II

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part II

One of the things about Hong Kong is there are fairly much at least one single shopping plaza at each underground station. They all come with their own kind of interior decorations and most importantly, they're not filled with the same stores everywhere such as they would be in Glasgow with Curry, WHSmith, Game etc.

And here is one of the places I wanted to visit this time round - MegaBox. A recent new plaza with an interesting orange exterior. It's only a 10 minute walk from the Kowloon Bay station or if you don't want to get lost and save yourself some energy, you can take the free shuttle bus from Telford Plaza too.

Looks good from the outside eh?

MegaBox Plaza

I spotted one confusing road sign pointing in exactly the opposite direction of the actual building. If it wasn't sitting right before me, I might have followed it ^^;

Bad road sign.

Tried some Sweetcorn Ramen at Ajisen Ramen while picking up some clothing from Uniqlo. Tasted a lot better than that Hokkien Chow Mein... Maybe because it was freshly made which also meant I had to wait slightly longer than other meals I've had so far.

I also got myself a bottle of Ramune marble soda to go with it. Very expensive and when I popped it open by pushing the marble into the bottle, the soda burst all over my clothes... Lucky it didn't hit the girls next to me though ^^;

Fresh Ramen!

There's around 15 floors filled with all sorts of stores at MegaBox but they are very small and compact compared to other plazas.

A mother's day event going on.

It won't take you long to run through one floor but like other plazas, it has its own unique interior decorations. Each floor has a theme going.

Wonderland decoration.

The lifts can be pretty packed here.

Lifts can be pretty crowded here.

And look, yet another human-sized Gundam. It's selling for the same price as the one at the Apita store.

Would you order this?

This sign on the floor says the distance between you and your TV should be three times the size of it. Oddly enough they had it in front of a much larger 60" TV.

Guide to TVs.

The Gamezone arcade here isn't bad with some old classics at $1 or $2 a shot. Initial D, rhythm games... And the classic "Chase HQ" that I enjoyed playing a lot on the Famicom. Great fun chasing and crashing into cars!

Whoever decided to place these Gachapon machines did them very strategically because if you follow them round the corner (towards the camera)...

Gachapon lure.

You'll reach the ViVi Shop which is filled with nothing but Gachapon machines. Too bad it was closed when I went.

Vivi Shop Gachapon specialist.

The other interesting thing is that you can even use your Octopus card to pay which saves you getting change. Snacks and Gachapons... Parents will be wondering where their children's Octopus card credit went.

One more use for Octopus cards.

In every plaza there's always some form of decoration and here, these lights have messages on them.

Personal messages on the lights?

Oddly enough, the toilets are of the traditional squatting type despite the plaza being new...

Almost closing time.

Almost closing time.

Big circular screen.

Decided to take the free bus back to the station just to see how much faster it was and what route it took. Very clean and comfy inside.

No idea what happened during the picture. Only noticed the funny pose after I got back ^^;

Free bus to the MTR station.

It took just as long with all the traffic lights.


Stylish cinema outside Telford Plaza. Certainly more stylish than the Cineworld over in Glasgow ^^;


Ended the day with some bolognese and rice except they just called it minced beef and rice at Cafe de Coral. Their food tastes better than Maxim.

I have spaghetti with bolognese quite a lot back in the UK. Never thought about mixing it with rice.

Rice with bolognese...

Somehow the staff at the stores are starting to copy the Japanese culture, greeting customers with the Japanese equivalent of "Irasshaimase" now which means "welcome" when you enter the store. Never did that the last time I was here unless I dropped by the Japanese food outlets.

Packed as usual.

There are ambient sounds of birds playing from speakers.

Tweet tweet tweet...

Had a wander around other plazas looking for gifts to bring back and the HK Anime scene.

No feeding the fishes.

Looks like there's plenty of Evangelion 1.01 Special Edition DVDs. Unlike the Japanese edition however, it only comes with the special booklet.

Speaking of Anime, the first season of Code Geass, Blue Dragon, Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star are on. Only managed to catch a bit of Lucky Star and the dub isn't bad. Still to watch the original though.

I notice the stores have an increase in the number of security guards for some reason. I really don't see why when they can always just station them around outside the mall unless the economic climate meant there's been a rise in shoplifting here.

Special HK Edition of Evangelion 1.01

Half 11 at night and the streets are still filled with people. If it was the UK, the stores would all be closed by 6 and some of the more nastier folk would be out around 8.

Almost midnight.

Why not take a break?

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Maku tama

wow~ nice
both the outside and the inside
in my country there's also this 'Best' shop
but I've never seen any Gundam for sale... hmmm
and those children are lucky
they have lotsa gachapon machines and can even use the card ;A;