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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part III, Ngong Ping 360

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part III, Ngong Ping 360

The next place I wanted to visit was the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride which leads to the temples and the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. It was already up the last time I was here but was very much plagued with problems so I never went the last time.

This time I decided to go because it had new "crystal glass" bottom cabins and thought it should be pretty exciting with the floor gone beneath your feet.

Ngong Ping 360

Out to get some lunch at Maxim's again, trying the Beef "Steak" and Sausages with boiled rice. Their tea tastes great but they're food is pretty average... Especially their cabbages.

Maxim's food is pretty average.

Hong Kong's MTR doesn't have comfy seats like in Japan or the UK but it's still clean.


There was literally no one in the queue because it was late afternoon.

Tickets please!

It costs HK$2900 for a private Crystal Cabin but...

HK$2900 for a private cabin...

I was late so there weren't anyone around. Ended up having it all to myself anyway ^^;

There's the crystal glass floor.

To be honest with you, you won't be spending much of your time looking down not because it's scary. The floor feels very solid and you're not in a completely transparent cabin. It's just that the view is around you, not down below your feet!

I'm dangling in the air!

There's a trail below that you can take if you can manage the walk.

I remember the newscaster was reminding ladies not to wear skirts or dresses when going on this Crystal Cabin ^^;

Lovely view.

Be sure to go to the front of the cabin whenever the cabin slows down at each of the stations to get your picture taken if you want (to pay for) them later as a keyring, t-shirt, framed etc.

The 30 minute journey full of sea and mountains was more interesting than the London Eye I have to say... Probably better if I went on it during the night if I had the chance.

Would you rather walk it?

The Ngong Ping Village. Didn't have much time to explore the stores because I was pushed for time.

Ngong Ping Village

The wishing shrine. No Emas filled with Anime sketches like the Washinomiya Shrine featured in Lucky Star. Didn't take a peak at the wishes =P

No Lucky Star here.

On my way up to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. I think there's around 200 steps when I counted. There are yellow donation boxes scattered around the site.

Up we go.

Decided to see if my daily jog routine back in the UK has made me any fitter and ran up the stairs despite the heat.

I was a bit pushed for time anyway as I mentioned earlier.

200 steps up roughly.

This panorama didn't work out too well but good enough.

Quite a few people with DSLRs shooting pictures although after chatting with them for a bit when they asked me to help them they a photo, I found out they weren't actually photography enthusiasts and just chose these cameras because they know they're better quality than compacts and wanted their snaps at the best.

Smaller statues around the the giant.

No photography inside the temples out of respect I think. It's said that the enlightened priests leave behind a pearl when their bodies are incinerated which is what you will find inside the building under the giant statue.

No photography inside the temples.

Here I am at the foot of the mountain you saw earlier abroad the Crystal Cabin. It's a fair bit windier and the air feels thinner. I don't think I was quite equipped for a mountain walk higher ^^;

Go for a walk up the mountain?

The "Wisdom Path" which as the name suggests, has a number of tall wooden pillars engraved with quotes from the Mantras.

Wisdom Path

No English translations it seems. Either that or I missed the leaflets when I arrived at the cable car terminal.

Nice view though.

What did the Shek Pik Reservoir use to be?

Making my way back as the sun sets.

Very peaceful up here with only one or two tourists left but I doubt I want to be stuck up here once it's completely dark.

Sun's setting.

Some photography enthusiasts commented how the hut in the distance looked like a haunted house... I'd have to agree.


Those scarecrows aren't working. Well... I guess the bird isn't exactly a crow.

Do the scarecrows really work?

I missed the last cable car back which was at 6pm and it was quarter to 7 now.

Another nice view.

Price I pay for getting a cheap free private cabin ^^;

There was quite a number of other tourists about who also missed the return journey.

Half an hour's wait.

Fortunately there was one last bus going back down in half an hour's time. You can pay a little extra to take the cable car back down and that little extra is also how much it costs for a bus trip back down. Both take 30 minutes although you miss out on the view.

No one skipped the queue!


We're back!

Used a mini tripod with the Canon Powershot A720 for an attempt at an HDR shot composition but this isn't it. Have to wait until I get back for some HDR software.

Hmmm... Some building?

The funny thing is the following day there were problems again and they had to close down the service for fixing.

So by the time I got back it was around 11 and most places were closing so I ended up getting a McDonalds. They don't taste much different here. Just the localised promotions of course and you can use your Octopus card.

Big Mac meal!
Stores are open until much later.

Close to midnight.

Perhaps that's why you can still feel safe and at peace while walking around the streets close to midnight without worrying about neds threatening you with baseball bats or drunks smashing bottles about you.

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