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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part IV, Import Goods

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A Stroll Around Hong Kong Part IV, Import Goods

An up-to-date guide to finding niche Japanese Anime/pop culture goods in Hong Kong is now available.

Spent some time going around the stores to see if I could find some of the import goods I was planning to order online before I left for Hong Kong.

Sogo is one of them at Causeway Bay which is a Japanese department store complete with elevator ladies and all the other customs you would expect from Japan after watching all those J-dramas and Anime.

At Sogo

Just get off at Causeway Bay and you'll find an exit that connects to the building.

It's linked directly to the MTR station.

A giant walking piece of raw meat! That guy (or girl?) must be being boiled alive in there with the hot weather here!

Someone's being boiled alive.

As you head up, you'll find a fair share of Gachapons too including some Code Geass R2 ones.

More gachapons!

Manga can be found anywhere there's a bookstore basically but if you want them in their original Japanese, this is where I usually visit when I'm in Hong Kong. You'll find quite a lot of Japanese people visiting.

You'll find the Asahiya Bookstore at the very top level that also has the logo "Sogo Book Club". Don't worry about being a member because you can still walk in and just but whatever you like.

Non-members can make purchases too.

Was hoping to find the Beast Player Erin and FFVII On the Way to a Smile hardback but they didn't stock either of them. It's free to ask them to order something. Just be sure to have the Romaji and most importantly the ISBN because not all the staff understand Japanese.

In this case, it was going to take 3 weeks so that was out of the question.

All sorts of books and magazines.

Note that all prices are in Yen and they go by their own exchange rate. They have lists up but be sure to check with the staff because they're not always up-to-date.

Ended up coming across this FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcards book which contains 24 renders of the characters. I'll cover the contents in another post but what I can say is that pretty much all of them have been published before - Especially during that exhibition.

Just hope they don't do a bigger sized version later!

The exchange charts said the rate was HK$7 to 100 Yen but ended up finding it was actually HK$12.50 to 100 Yen... So this cost me HK$150 (1200 Yen).

More FFVIIAC CG on print.

There used to be a Mitsukoshi department store nearby but it's gone out of business since March from what I heard.

Fortunately, Sogo isn't the only place for picking up import Japanese printed goods. You can also try the Apita store at Taikoo, City Plaza.

Saying that however, I still couldn't find those novels I'm looking for so it looks like I'll just have to import after all.

Another place for printed Japanese material.

Although the big record stores have some import Asian products, you'll have to drop by Mong Kok's "Sino Centre" for a better selection of the limited edition goodies.

Mong Kok's one of the busier places with lots of people. Expect queues at the toilets.

Off to busy Mong Kok

It's a very packed place as the name suggests. I don't think it's quite as packed as Tokyo in Japan but, one of my penpals who live there and travels a lot says it's probably busier here.

Busy busy busy.

If you don't mind the odd adult video store dotted around the place, just take the MTR to the station and go to the 'E' exit. Go out E2 and turn right.

Follow Nathan Road and if you pass by Hollywood Plaza, you'll know you're going the right way.

Another Hollywood Plaza

582-592 Sino Centre.

Sino Centre.

Some limited editions of Ayumi Hamasaki's latest album "Next Level" that I didn't manage to find in the bigger stores which comes with a poster and a box of tissues... Picking it up as a gift. There's also a limited edition USB flash drive version with all the songs in 320kbps MP3 format instead of CD.

Find the rarer limited edition goods here.

Quite a collection of Anime, game related music here too such as the "Don't Say Lazy" CD, the ending song from the current popular show "K-ON". Still to watch it.

There's even some er... Interesting cushioned mousepads.

K-On - Don't Say Lazy

And more import magazines. No more for me since I already have a lot of them.

Lots of import magazines.

And leaving Mong Kok but not too far away is Sham Shui Po's "Golden Computer Arcade" is where you'll want to visit for cheap computer parts and import console products including mods or "magikon" flash carts for the DS.

Sham Shui Po

Some are bootleg games though so you'll have to be careful and once again, there's the odd adult movie store dotted here and there. I think one of the female tourists was surprised because she was expecting the whole place was just computer and game related goods.

Golden Computer Arcade

Just like Mong Kok's Sino Centre, there used to be a lot of pirate stalls here despite the police sweeping the place time and time again but with affordable broadband these days, there really is no business for the pirates any more.

Looking at the number of small stores in here reminded me of a show talking about how Akiba started out in Japan, Tokyo... Lots of little stalls cramped together selling electronic parts I think it was. Now it's considered the "Sacred Land" by Otakus today.

It's Hong Kong's Akiba.

While you're visiting these areas...

The market stalls.

You can take a stroll through the market places for even more bootleg goods but also some cheap stuff if you feel like bartering.

Quite a number of wallscrolls with all kind of images printed on cloth available too for less than 5 pounds including Anime related illustrations.

Very busy and crowded.

Ended the day with some bacon, ham and chicken baked rice topped with cheese. Not bad except the meat isn't cut quite as clean as the other places I've visited so far.


Also seems someone threw acid into the streets of Mong Kok for a second time over the weekend and the culprit still hasn't been caught yet.

London Restaurant

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Do they sell manga that is in English?

Advanced thanks!



LHY Author

You can find some bilingual JP/EN Manga at Sogo but they're very expensive.



Xcomp Author

I can't tell you since I don't follow the series (and don't live in HK) but after having a look around, I can't find anything about a special HK edition for the Sega Saturn.

In my experience when I used to pick up boot leg games, they usually do supply hacked games and print their own goods to attract more customers but, I don't know if it's the case with your copy.



Chris Wilkinson

I was looking for a specially made Hong Kong bootlegged version of biohazard 1 Saturn that was packaged with a specially made true story book. It featured all the intro footage from western & Japan versions, also new footage added into it still never seen in FMV. The game contained longer cutscenes, different puzzles. It said on the back cover theirs a new character in the game. This Saturn version was labeled director's cut. It wasn't made by Sega -- it was copyrighted by virgin & capcom, when i played this version the Sega logo was blank for 4 seconds, then this special version begins. It had a different box to the regular Japan, but the same looking CD with black & silver, the copyrights had been marketed out with a black pen. Chris

This version had extra puzzles, this software isn't the T-1219G Japan.
They sold a special made hong kong true story behind biohazard book with limited extra pages?

The boxart was labelled director's cut which is rare for Saturn, becuase theirs was only PSX director's cut.

The game also featured extra weapons, that aren't in the PSX version in this limited edition?



Xcomp Author

I don't think anyone's ever hit one because there's always double decker buses passing by.

Hmmm, I don't think you'll find any cosplayers and idols handing out stuff here, though.

I might watch K-ON on a marathon run later but not now. Too much stuff to catch up on once I get back ^^;




Mong Kok reminds me of Akiba - except that us pedestrians were limited to the pavements on either side of the road.

I tried to seek out a good place for Japanese merchandise when we were in HK; can't believe I missed Asahiya! Making a mental note of this for future reference.

And I'd like to add my voice to lastSKYsamurai's recommendation: watch K-ON! when you can. Nothing spectacular, mind - just light, sweet, run-of-the-mill KyoAni fun.

Finally, thanks for that shot of the walking steak - best picture I've seen all day. (^_^)

Cheerio, and safe travels.




Awesome.... :) - @Xcomp



Maku tama

err...why is there a umm...walking meat in the streets?
threw acids into the streets?? whoa that's new... ;;;;;
Hong Kong sure have a lot of ads hanging around o_o
I wonder if anyone ever accidentally hit it or something...



Xcomp Author

Yes, the Newtype magazines come with some nice goodies. Part of the reason why I used to buy them besides for the artwork ^^;

I'll send you an e-mail ASAP and we can talk about them then.

I'm in China on some business so I have little time to myself.

Yes, at Sai Yeung Choi Street this time... Or at least it was some kind of corrosive liquid in a bottle which burned a number of people. The police are still working on finding out who did it.




...Threw acid into the streets? o_O




Oh get onto K-ON! it's a good show. I had to get past the first two episodes though before I could enjoy it a lot more.

Oh & please tell me you still have those Newtype Magazines. I only have one, I got it while in Japan, It's the June 2008 Issue, & came with these FANTASTIC Eva 1.0 Sticker things. I have them up on my wall now. I would gladly buy five random issues off you right now if you will send to Australia....?
I ordered a recent issue off J-List a couple of days ago with a Pink Gundam robot on the front. The description says there's an article on K-ON! in there, so I'm getting that one & a bento lunch box too.

I can't believe you didn't buy any of those magazines on that rack. You should be ashamed. -It's amazing though that Hong Kong has a place(s) for generally the Otaku folk. Like If I had to do a 1 to 1 ratio comparison of China with what I know about Japan, at least the Otaku side of things, I'd probably score one or two out of a hundred if graded.

- Tell me again why you're in China? I forgot what you said in your initial Post about flying over there.... Hong Kong doesn't look too bad. : )