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Back in the UK

Got back to Glasgow seven in the morning. First thing you'll probably notice is all the greenery here as you're landing compared to in HK. Then once you get off the plane, you feel the cold biting in. I'd rather be in the heat than in the cold which appears to be what the majority of people on Everybody Votes seem to prefer too.

Time to catch up on Beast Player Erin, Kurokami and whatever else I've been missing! You'll also find I've updated the Ngong Ping 360, Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui and Rural Area posts with short videos as I said I would. You'll find a few of them here too in case you can't be bothered running through those posts again. First time I've done video editing like this.

Back in Glasgow, UK.

Look at what I had for dinner on the plane. So appetizing eh? I overheard some ladies asking, "What is that...?" Then someone else replied, "I think it's pea soup...?"

Mmmm... Green soup.

Somehow I ended up getting the seat where the air circulation takes place with powerful fans blowing into the cabin. I was wearing a t-shirt so I wrapped the blanket about me for almost the entire journey.

Runway at the HK airport.

On the bright side, I didn't get any ill mannered passengers around me on the return flight like I did last time. I watched the rest of Natsume Yuuchinjou first season and it got better towards the end. However, I still feel the first season lacked balance overall compared to the second. They also did a bad job of presenting the Youkais, making them feel like the typical nasty monsters from children's shows.

For those of you who have or are thinking of getting a Samsung NC10 Netbook, watch out you don't lose that piece of plastic that covers the SD card slot. I use mine a lot to transfer photos and it seems to have come loose enough to drop out by itself. Now I've lost it!

Waiting to board.

And just like in the UK, it's been sunny every day in HK. It's only on the day I leave, there was pouring rain. To make things worse, my luggage was 5kg over the limit so I had to unpack some of the stuff out then stuff them into my backpack... The things I'm expected to bring back - -;

Why does it always rain on me... Just joking!

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