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Makoto Shinkai's Your Name Movie to Get a 4K UHD Blu-Ray Collectors Edition Release


Makoto Shinkai's Your Name Movie to Get a 4K UHD Blu-Ray Collectors Edition Release

Haven't done a news post for a very long time but this one should be of interest for fans of Makoto Shinkai's works like myself.

We've known for a long time UK will be getting a dual format release of Kimi no Na wa in October since it's been listed on Amazon UK for some time now but, now we have a release date for Japan's version!

Judging by this blurry photo by @Chackn on Twitter Japan will be getting 3 versions including a 4K UHD Blu-ray release on July 26th. All pre-orders will get a film strip bookmark (34 different ones in total). Here's a table for an easier comparison of all versions:

Collectors Edition
12,000 Yen (£83)
Special Edition
7800 Yen (£54)
Regular Edition
Blu-ray 4800 Yen (£33)
DVD 3800 Yen (£26)
- 2x Movie discs (1x 4K UHD)
- 3x Bonus discs
- 100 page booklet.
- Movie script.
- Mini character stickers.
- 6 part digipak
- Movie + 2x bonus discs
- 100 page booklet.
- Mini character stickers.
- 1x Movie disc
- Mini character stickers.
Collectors Edition £19.99 Zavvi Deluxe Edition £59.99  
- Blu-ray + DVD movie disc.
- Collectors Packaging (Zavvi, Steelbook Case)
- Blu-ray + DVD
- A3 Poster
- 128 page artbook (Same as JP release)
- 10 art cards

I can only imagine all the extra details that will be in it when you consider how different the blu-ray release of 5cm was compared to the DVD release such as the individual LCD crystals on the phone. Shame I don't have a 4K player or screen to enjoy it for the time being =/

30.4.2017 Update

The disc contents will be the following according to another of Chackn's later tweets after his photo started to go viral:

Movie Disc Special Contents

  • "Japan Falls in Love with Makoto Shinkai's Talent"
    Makoto Shinkai, Ryunosuke Kamiki (Taki's voice actor) and Yojiro Noda (Radwimps' Vocalist) talks about the movie - I'm assuming it might just be the same as the Walker book. And also talks to the other cast members.
  • English Version of the Theme Song
    We talk about how Radwimps wrote the English lyrics for the theme song to commemorate the NA screening.
  • Promotional Videos (Special TV Features, Trailers)
  • Makoto Shinkai Filmography

Bonus Disc 1

  • Concept Art
  • Making Of
    A documentary of the movie's 1 year production process.

Bonus Disc 2

  • Visual Commentary
    Some commentary from Radwimps, Ryunosuke Kamiki (Taki) and Mone Shirairaishi (Mitsuha) about the music creation process and voice recording sessions.
  • Unused Sound Recordings
  • Creditless Opening
  • Suntory Mineral Water CM
  • "Sparkle" Music Video
    This is probably the same as the one that comes with one of Radwimp's albums "Ningen Kaika [Blossoming Humans]" and shown during the Kohaku 67th Song Contest.

Bonus Disc 3 (Collector's Edition only)

  • The Telling of Your Name
    How Makoto Shinkai tells the story and the meaning behind various scenes.
  • Event Recordings

Very excited since I've been waiting for release information for some time and was sure Your Name would get something special considering its success worldwide!

Still no signs of English subtitles but if previous BD releases like Garden of Words and Children Who Chase Lost Voices are anything to go by, it will probably have both Chinese and English Subs.

9.5.2017 Update

All the information leaked has been confirmed real including an announcement by the voice actors Ryunosuke Kamiki (Taki) and Mone Shirairaishi (Mitsuha) themselves.

The official site has also been updated with the disc release details including how there will be 34 different versions of the pre-order bonus film bookmark - each representing one of Radwimp's or the cast's favourite scenes.

The character stickers on the other hand aren't that impressive personally...

2.6.2017 CE Digipak Revealed


Store Exclusive Pre-order Bonuses

As per Japanese custom, every store is offering different pre-order bonuses in addition to the film bookmarks so let's see what they have...

Touhou Animation Store

First party seller who is responsible for the cinema screenings and disc releases is offering a B5-sized (176mm x 250mm) canvas art print featuring Taki and Mitsuha along with a ring binder with all versions.

2.6.2017 Canvas and ringbinder revealed.

Photo via @yui725.


Amazon Japan

2 postcards and an A4 sized frame. Its listing also confirms the disc release will contain both English and Chinese subtitles as with other Makoto Shinkai movie releases.

Photo via @carp_0745.


Geo Hyper Media

Offering a steelbook case with the Special Edition through Amazon JP. Wonder if the UK release will get a steelbook...?

Standard editions get a postcard.

Photo via @sayasouseizi.


HMV Japan

There is a raffle for tickets to the upcoming Kimi no Na wa concert in winter with all editions. You can also pay extra for the Standard Edition to get an IC card featuring art from the movie. The card is used for transport in Japan - kind of like London's Oyster card but a lot better. More like Hong Kong's Octopus card.

Special Edition will include a printed frame - I'm assuming this will the same as Amazon's one.

Photo via @kotonoha_07.


An acrylic clock, badge set and an optical illusion cover.

Photo via @hasi6011.

And another photo of badges, alternative cover also via @kotonoha_07.


2D character stands.

Photo via @animeyamato.


A B6 sized pub mirror.


A teddy bear mascot keyring of your choice that represents Mitsuha or Taki

Photo via @Happy_iCloud.


A plastic book cover.


A clock featuring a scene from the movie.

Photo via @Azuc4t.

Tower Records

2 memo pads.


So if you can't wait for your local release or just want some of these exclusive goods, you can use a proxy service like Tenso.com/WhiteRabbitExpress.com to forward the goods to you if the site doesn't ship to the UK.

However, bare in mind it won't be cheap! Any import goods to the UK outside of the EU are subject to customs. I think it's 20% VAT on anything over £18 and then there's a handling fee by the company who delivers it to you - usually Parcelforce who charges £20.

So in other words, the price of importing will be Goods Price + Postage & Packaging + Customs + Courier Handling Charge ^^;

On the other hand, if you buy from Amazon Japan you pay the final price which includes customs so, you will avoid the nasty handling fee UK couriers usually tack on. At the moment it's around £85.

There are other options like Play-Asia but their orders usually go through customs too and they are also charging the Amazon JP price so, you might as well just import via Amazon JP instead. You'll get the bonus picture frame and postcards too ^^

17.9.2017 Update - Zavvi Deluxe Edition

For completeness, here is what the deluxe edition as a collaboration between AllTheAnime and Zavvi will contain:

  • A3 Poster
  • OST
  • Blu-ray/DVD movie discs
  • 10 art cards.
  • 128 booklet (contents same as Japanese release)

Pretty good deal if you haven't imported the Japanese edition. Only 2000 copies will be produced unlike the Japanese CE which is in abundant supply as of writing...

As a side note, some of the scenes you see in the art cards here were used in the postcard book sold in Japan or were featured in the film bookmarks. Can be nice for framing ^^

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