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Speeding Up P3P By Removing the 3D Environments

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Speeding Up P3P By Removing the 3D Environments


Susukida who was lead designer for the life sim events that took place in P3 and P4, is partly responsible for the layout and graphical changes in P3P this time.

To summarise this week's blog entry, he explains how the 3D environments for the life sim part of the RPG were removed to help improve loading times and, the P4 shortcut system was brought in to make it easier for players to enjoy it on the move - Nothing we don't know already. But he continues that to make up for it, extra portraits have been added for more expressions during event scenes.

There is also a high speed dialogue skip feature so if you've read something already, you can skip through it quickly such as during a second play through.

Uh oh, looks like trouble.

Last but not least, the blog update ends with screens of new costumes and weapons which you can go see for yourselves... Yes, you show them, Mitsuru. Go beat those Shadows silly with your cue stick!


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I can see Mitsuru using that weapon to execute Akihiko, Junpei and Ryoji...