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P3P TGS2009 Promotional Movie and Mid-Autumn Wallpaper

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P3P TGS2009 Promotional Movie and Mid-Autumn Wallpaper

Looks like Atlus may have known about the Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday... If you click on the moon at the official site during the night yesterday, you get the following wallpaper. Some nice line art and depth of field camera effect!

Hidden wallpaper.

Other than that, you can now choose to have Elizabeth or Teo to your blog too and the promotional movie used at this year's Tokyo Game Show is up.

P3P October Blog Parts

We see more of the SLink characters getting together - In this case, Yuko and Miyamoto from the sports club, outside the girls room during the Kyoto trip. I think the Heroine may have a part in getting them together since the two are childhood friends and in the Persona Club P3 Book, fans wanted to see them together if the Hero wasn't in the game. So it's probably safe to presume the side stories will differ quite a bit when playing as the Heroine.

Also, more of Akihiko's SLink events. Seems he invites the Heroine to his room and hands her something.

On another note, the new OP "Soul Phrase" is starting to grow on me. It probably won't stay very long on my DAP before I delete it though ^^;

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Awesome nice wallpapers!! Can't wait till the games released!




Thank you so much for posting the wallpaper! I saw the glowing moon but the extra link refused to work for me (or I clicked it too late).



Xcomp Author

It's just an assumption with the screenshots we've seen so far. If I remember correctly, P4 had events where you could raise relationships with more than one SLink at a time (or was it just stats...?). I think they've taken the feature over for the new Heroine.

And yes, you're right.... The Kyoto trip was in November. I just assumed it was the trip since it had such a Japanese house looking background ^^;

I had a look at the P3 FES Fanbook and it says there was some special training at the sports club on 8/1 so maybe they've all decided to gather at Yuko's house then?




Um when you said more of SLinks getting together, there was any info about other Slink charas (expect this if it is) or other NPCs getting together? I didn't hear about it before.

Wasn't the Kyoto trip on November? (Anyways it was after Takeharu's death) But when I look at the date when the video shows Kazushi and Yuko, it says 8/1. Was there any event on that day? Kenji, Kazushi and Yuko all had come for the trip. So maybe they were chatting and the Heroine just came by...

I wonder about SLink charas in SEES protecting you when you're low on health and you play as the Hero. Junpei are going to protect him too? Then what about Shinjiro or Koromaru? The both of them will be getting a Slink? Maybe Shinji will join the team much more early (e.g. just after the Yakushima trip) if he gets one.

I've also heard that they were going to put that Neko Shogun in the game but unfortunately he's a low-level persona. No one is going to use him-nyaa.

Elizabeth is looking as imposing as ever. It's like you're still fighting her and she's waiting for her turn...

It seems that you can't get that pic anymore. You can't click on the moon. Thanks for uploading it. ^>^