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Case of Shinra, Translation Project Resumed


Case of Shinra, Translation Project Resumed

Thought I'd resume the Case of Shinra, the final short story in the FFVII On the Way to a Smile series again now that fellow FFVII fan, Hitoshura over at Thelifestream.net seems to be MIA and a number of people have emailed to ask about my translation of it. I've already updated my main FFVII Novels site with some of the translation but this time, I've decided to spread out the updates and upload a few pages at a time. The reason being there will probably be no more updates for the site once this story ends unless Nojima decides to release a "Complete" version or something ^^;

I'll try to get a few pages done every week but haven't really decided on an update schedule.

I've also decided to use my real name for the work I post on the internet too from now on because I really don't see a reason why I shouldn't. So, if anyone wants to post my On the Way to a Smile translations to their sites, please link and credit the work under "LH Yeung" and not "Xcomp" from now on.

Cheers! (As the guys say in the UK.)


The Turks reunite in Case of Shinra.

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Hey Lh, first of all a big thanks for the translations. I love the fact that you have stayed exactly as it was written. If it is ok with you i will be using your translations on my website. It is my 1st ever and i have no experience other than the love i have for this story . I am adding all the game footage i can find aswell. Once i am done i will be putting you top of the thanks and links page. have you got any tips for moving a page up the ranks you've done really well with yours. So as we say here in scotland cheers and ta very much. P.S. I am on the east coast in a small city called dundee and it is freezing cold just now . I think i will pick up some of those hand warmers . they look the bizzo. thanks again bro. Check me out and leave a comment on the home page www.finalfantasy7.kk5.org it'll be finished in about 4 weeks



LHY Author

Hey Billy,

If you want your site to go up the ranks on Google (and other search engines), you'll want to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). There are many things that needs to be done but one of the ways search engines rank a site is based on how many other sites link to it.

Good luck with yours and have fun with it!




Thanks, LH! I've enjoyed your translations of the other stories thus far and am looking forward to the rest of "Case of Shinra." :-)




This is pretty cool news from an otherwise bland week. Glad to see you took up the translation, xComp. I've really enjoyed your work with the other stories so far, and I'm looking forward to the finished product here.



Licorice allsorts

Dear LH Yeung, you are a star. Thanks so much for working on these - you know how much they mean to so many people. I came over here from the Lifestream to say thanks, and also to say I really enjoyed your posts on the challenges these translations present.