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Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

中秋節快樂! 中秋节快乐!

Yes, I know it's passed. Wasn't really going to make a post about the annual Mid-Autumn Festival but, then I remembered this shot of some cakes my parents brought back from their trip to London on the day. Cute, eh? Almost £3 (US$5) each... Lots of cream skilfully decorated on top of a slice of roll. Tasted pretty good.

Anyway, hope you had a good night for those of you who celebrated. I'm kind of sick of eating moon cakes even if  they're those flavoured refigerated ones ^^;


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Xcomp Author

Sounds like some fun mid-autumn festivals, lol.




I like the ice cream filled ones that have come out recently. I had moon cake but the weather was so bad there was no drunken poetry/political debating moon viewing this year =(




Not too many people - beyond the local Chinese community, that is - celebrate the festival in my corner of the world, but mooncakes are a fairly popular delicacy around here (even when they're not strictly in season). I myself enjoy eating the simple, no-frills lotus cream variety.

Wish I'd see more cakes as festively decorated as these - hopefully not quite so festively priced, though.



Xcomp Author

It probably is, lol. Missing his collar though.




中秋節快樂! those r some nice cakes! looks like Doraemon lol