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“Secret of Evangelion” - A Second Series?


“Secret of Evangelion” - A Second Series?

Well, it's the 10th year anniversary for the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Gainax has been continuing to release lots of merchandise related to that series during the time period including renewed versions of the Anime series. Too bad I already bought the VCD set when DVDs weren't even out yet or I would have bought it.

Secret of Evangelion

Anyway, I thought it was a great Anime with its thought provoking events. It seems they're planning to continue the story somehow now...

Based between episodes 17~24 and the movie that was released in the spring of 1998, a new PS2 story is being made that is spread out over 30 episodes. There will be a new character named Kyou Kenzaki, a man who works in Nerv's Secret Intelligence Department and Hitomi Kagasaki, a scientist involved with the development of the Eva systems.


In the story, you'll learn about many new things such as the truth behind the Human Instrumental Programme, Misato's life, the appearance of Eva-04 and more about the other mysteries that surrounded the original series.


The artwork in this new adventure game doesn't look all that impressive to be honest. Looking very fan made.



Game is scheduled for a December 21st release and there will be a normal and a limited edition version. Both includes a "Nerv Crystal Strap" but for the limited edition version, you can choose to feature Rei or Asuka on the packaging.

Phew, Misato's going for a new guy already.

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