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Death Note the Anime, Episode One


Death Note the Anime, Episode One

Well, episode one "Shinsei (Rebirth)" just aired today in Japan and all Death Note fans have been rushing for the torrents floating about of the RAW video file. At first glance at the animation I said to myself, "Korean animators," and I was right after I had a look at the credits.

I have nothing against Koreans but anything they try to do using the Japanese Anime style just seems to lack quality like other Chinese products that try to do the same.

Screen 1

Anyway, I like the opening song, "the WORLD" by Nightmare. Have to get it when it gets released although I hope the full version of the song doesn't turn bad D:

So far the first episode conforms pretty closely to the Anime but there are slight differences and extra scenes of course. It starts off with Luke bored in the Death God World which is pretty well portrayed; dark and barren, bones everywhere. Then we hear Luke and Light speaking to themselves about how boring their everyday life was and the rotten world. Light was thinking about this while he was in the classroom in the Manga but here in the Anime, we see him walking outside in the streets.

Screen 2

The rest runs along with the order of the events mixed up a little but still pretty much the same stuff. I don't remember the gang actually holding the girl back with a metal bar and trying to actually rip the girl's clothes off in the Manga, though. Usually it's the Manga that's more graphic. Not the other way round...

Screen 3

After Light confirms the Death Note's for real, Luke tells his comrades he lost his book and travels to the human world. Meanwhile, Light is back home and laughs evilly in his darkly lit room as the wind and rain pour on the windows.

Screen 4


Screen 4

Chomping on apples already?

The episode ends with Light vowing to make the world into a better place where only the good can live in...

Screen 5

Well, can't wait for the next episode "Taiketsu (Confrontation)"! End song "Alumina" isn't too bad too.

Screen 6

Nice eye catchers, eh?

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