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Final Fantasy Soundtracks


Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Well, I finally decided to grab a copy of the FFIII soundtrack (DS version of course!). The opening theme song and the Black Mages remix of "The Final Battle" were just too good! Thought I would purchase the FFXI OST too while I was at it because I liked the music in that game so much. Not to mention it reminds me of how much time I spent around San'doria when I started out on new jobs.

...And the figure? I don't buy any Anime figures but I this one I got free from Yesasia.com for ordering two "mini" items. She's Cham Cham from Samurai Spirits and it was a random figure out of ten.

And here's the bonus DVD that came with the FFIII OST which contains a high quality version of the opening, the promotional trailer that you can view on the official site and a special interview with the staff including Director Hiromichi Tanaka and Composer, Music Supervisor Nobuo Uematsu.

And for those of you interested in the figure, I used the "Summer Event" booklet from the Newtype magazine for the backdrop... It's pretty nicely done for a 200 Yen PVC, ABS figure. Yesasia.com doesn't offer the Samurai Spirit ones free now but you still have a lot of other choices. Last time I checked they had some Gundam and Tenjo Tenge ones.

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