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Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki PSP Version


Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki PSP Version

I just had a play through the PSP version of ED6 and the port remains true to the original PC version. I noticed they added in a few tweaks though such as the random title screen image and the animated loading screen characters from SC. Things feel just a little bit cramped with the smaller res...

Yes, I'm a fan of Falcom games so I imported the Complete Version box from Japan a while back and it came with a free bonus soundtrack. It's a good collector's item but I doubt you can get a hold of it now because it was in limited stock when ED6:SC first came out.

The Legend of Heroes series has some of the best stories around but whew, EMS shipping is expensive!

So what other extras did they add into the PSP port? Well, after finishing the game you can unlock a hard and nightmare mode just like in the Ys series. They've also added in a Monster Encyclopaedia and the voice effects from ED6:SC.

There's actually an English/Chinese starter leaflet that comes with the game which should help out those non-literate in Japanese a bit but with all Falcom's PSP ports being marketed in English by Konami, I'm sure you can expect an English version of the game in future.

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