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Samsung to Release N510 ION Powered Netbook

Anyone who can’t wait for Intel’s “Pine Trail” powered netbooks (which won’t be due until early next year at least) and want hardware HD video support with HDMI output can always go for ones that have Nvidia’s ION chipset inside them due before the end of this year.

Samsung themselves will be releasing a selection of such netbooks sometime this month – The N130, N140 and N510. The NC510 will be the official successor to the NC10 with the following specs, according to PC Pro.

Samsung Nvidia ION powered netbooks.

  • 1.6GHz Atom N270 Single Core
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 11.6″ screen with 1366×768 resolution
  • Nvidia ION chipset with 1080p HD video support and HDMI output.
  • 160/250GB Hard Drive
  • 6 cell battery with up to 11 hours battery life.
  • Wireless and 3G networking support.
  • Windows XP (Windows 7 after October 22nd).

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Samsung NC10 Netbook Gets Resolution Update

This update’s actually been available since mid-May this year but, I haven’t really been checking.

For those of you who own a Samsung NC10 netbook like I do and find the 1024×600 resolution a bit too small to work with, checking for the latest update with the pre-installed Samsung Update Plus program will allow you to use the machine at 1024×768 now!

Samsung NC10 Netbook gets a screen update.

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Google to Release Own Operating System, Chrome OS

Google has just announced their own operating system “Chrome OS” which will be, as the name suggests, is a project that branches off from their recent browser Chrome according to their blog. It will run with a Linux kernel at its core and the goals are for it to be lightweight, safer and faster to boot up than windows. It also appears most of the free software will be offered as web applications that can only be run via the internet.

Google Chrome OS

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Encarta Reference to Be Discontinued Due to Wikipedia

According to PC Pro, Microsoft will be discontinuing their Encarta Encyclopaedia reference software due to the huge popularity of Wikipedia.

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. Who doesn’t use Wikipedia as their first point of reference these days? It’s quick, convenient and most important of all – Free! Even my lecturers use it now and then ^^;

Encarta discontinuing.

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Cloud Computed Gaming, Never Buy New Hardware Again

Cloud computing” isn’t a new concept but, the meaning of the term is still currently very ambiguous in the IT industry at the moment and has only been getting more attention of late thanks to the increase of affordable high speed internet access in homes.

Everything done on home computers are currently processed on your own machine but with cloud computing, the processing is all done on an external network of servers (i.e. the internet or the “cloud”) before the results are sent back to your home computer.

The advantages are pretty obvious because…

  • You are not limited to your own computer’s hardware.
  • Access software from anywhere in the world with a network connection.
  • No need to install software.
  • Seamless, invisible updates can be made.
  • Less technical support required for set ups.
  • No (or less) piracy.

I never thought about it but, this could work for gamers too which means you don’t have to buy a new console or upgrade your PC’s hardware every few years. At the Game Developer’s Conference this year, such a service has been revealed as OnLive.

The Onlive Service

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