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Free Windows 7 Beta Downloads Ends

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Free Windows 7 Beta Downloads Ends

And just after I mentioned about the free beta yesterday as well. Oh well, apparently they're still offering beta keys via the site which means anyone can still go ahead and download an "open source" copy then go ahead to get a legitimate test key.

According to PC Pro, Microsoft will be jumping to the release candidate version next which should be the final stage of testing if no major bugs are found. We could see it available in shops sometime in January 2010.

No official download anymore.

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Xcomp Author

Hmmm, never heard about that command. Learn something new everyday!

By the time this goes gold it means people will have to deal with WGA so it's better that it's legitimately free to try just now ;)




even if you dont get a key, it will still run unactivated for 30 days. theres a console command you can use to extend the 'trial period' for another 30 days, wich i think you can use up to 5 times... by the time you work your way through that RC1 will be out and it probably would have gone gold anyways!