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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 06

Episode 6 Summary
The Girl's Markings

Natsume was being dragged by one of his friends to see a cute girl from another class. He claims she has always been looking at him and may have affections for him. They soon arrive at the classroom and see a short-haired girl sitting alone at a desk gazing out the window. She gets up to leave but is stopped by Nishimura. For some reason, she suddenly walks off after seeing Natsume.

Meet cute girl.

After school, Natsume goes out to look for Nyanko to let him know dinner was ready soon and comes across a strange marking amongst the grassy fields along the way. She finds out it was drawn by the girl he had met earlier at school. She calls out his name in surprise but quickly becomes quiet before running away again, regretting she said his name.

Must be fate.

That night, Natsume dreams of himself waking up because of the gales outside. He pulls aside the curtains and spot a demon outside who wasn't all too happy Natsume could see him. He ushers something about Natsume losing and eating him but the words are muffled by the wind.


Wondering what it could have meant, Natsume goes off to brush his teeth but for a brief moment, finds his name and the number one written on his chest. He looks down but finds nothing there. Returning to his room to tell Nyanko about it, he is surprised to find a large-headed Chobihige sitting, waiting inside his room. It had gotten through the barrier Nyanko had set up being a higher status Youkai. After Natsume settles down, it explains a human was drawing strange markings around town that makes them visible to humans and asks Natsume to help stop whoever it was.


They rush out immediately to where one of the markings were and as Natsume expected, it was the same girl who he had met earlier. She tries to run off again only to be slide tackled by the chubby Nyanko. They learn her name was Tooru Taki and that her great grandfather was a diviner. He had left behind some markings that she had decided to draw one day because she was told it would allow her to see Youkais.

Is that real?

Fascinated, she continued to draw it and suddenly last year came across a terrifying Youkai who claimed it will eat her but before that, they will have game. It won't be fun just eating her right away. She has 360 days to catch him and if she manages, her life will be spared. She also explains that thirteen people who she calls out will also be eaten once the time is up and even though she had tried to stop herself from talking for almost a year, she apologises to Natsume. Since that day, she has been drawing markings everywhere hoping to find the Youkai but haven't had any luck. She then learns of Natsume having the ability to see Youkais and decided to find him for help but didn't approach him in case the rumours were false.


And so it was, the two work together to find the Youkai but have no luck finding it. Nyanko teases Natsume that the Yuujinchou will be his in just over a month's time while they go out to search for the Youkai again. However, after falling into a pond and clambering back out, Nyanko finds Natsume has disappeared somewhere leaving only his bag behind.

Natsume kidnapped?


Dang! They left it with a cliffhangar! I wonder if the "360 days" idea came from an Xbox gamer or, is the Youkai real? Could have looked it up if they put the name of the "big scary" Youkai in.

Had to laugh when Nyanko did a slide tackle!

Suraido takkuru.

episode summary

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