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Autumn Stroll, Edinburgh | 秋のお散歩、エディンバラ | 秋天散步, 愛丁堡編

It feels like a while since I wrote something for this blog.

You will probably have noticed I haven’t been writing for my blog much lately nor have I done any more translations. The reason behind that is that I am very much preoccupied with my full time job these days. That said, I still play games and watch the odd Anime show… Just not as much as I used to.

For the very same reason it’s been a while since I went out for a photo stroll and practice all the photography techniques I’ve been reading up about here and there.

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Bus Signs | バスサイン | 巴士告示

“No Smoking”, “No Food or Drink” notices on public transport is pretty common but it seems they’ve added a new one to the collection here in Scotland…

“Turn Your Music Down”.





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A Web Exploit That May Let People Know Where You Live | インターネットバグであなたの住所見つけられる | 漏洞網頁可找到你家的地址

Someone from the annual Black Hat Technical Security Conference has discovered an exploit that unveils the MAC address of someone’s home router and have thought of a potential way of using it to find out someone’s address via a carefully tailored webpage.

It’s an interesting idea minus the privacy concerns…

Every networking device e.g. your wireless router and phone has a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address that identifies it. Usually this can be found printed underneath the device and this MAC address is broadcast together with the signals that the device sends out. There’s not much you can do hide it although there are ways to “spoof” (i.e. change it to something fake).

As you may know, recently Google has been caught up in a fiasco about how they have been gathering unencrypted wireless data around the world including SSIDs and MACs while recording for their Street View service.

As wireless routers aren’t moved between locations very much, the MAC addresses can easily be recorded together with where they’re found which would most likely be your home.

In other words, it’s like having another line tacked to your home address and having public access to it via this exploit. You can imagine the risks this could have via social networking sites such as Facebook – A simple click on one of the ads or games could reveal who you are and your address.

All those jokes about “stalking” someone with these services could really come true ^^;

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5 Centimetres Per Second, Cosmonaut Translation Completed

As you’ll no doubt already know, a new production blog is up and running for Shinkai’s next movie.

But while we’re waiting for the official site to be up with more details, here’s the next part of the novel translated in English, “Cosmonaut” which is told from Kanae’s perspective.

The water dazzled under the rising sun just above the horizon. The sky was blue and my body felt light in the water that felt warm against my skin. I was the only one floating on the sea of light. At times like these I feel as if I’m special and it makes me just a little bit happier. The problems that worried me couldn’t bother me right now.

I continued to paddle with all my energy wave after wave as I thought to myself that perhaps it was because I was so optimistic and got happy so easily that was the cause of my worries. The morning sea was beautiful. It was too hard to describe the colours of the waves as they clashed together little by little. It was enough to catch my attention as the surfboard I was on slid into the face of the next wave. I felt I was ready to stand up on the board but I lost my balance and fell beneath the waves. I failed again. I swallowed some sea water and some of it irritated my eye.

My first worry; I have never managed to stand up on my surf board over the past six months.

I made my way back up to the car park on the shore (it was really just an open field filled with overgrown weeds) and using the tall grass as cover there, I took off the wetsuit that was a perfect fit against my skin then hosed my naked body with water and changed into my school uniform. The place was deserted. The strong sea winds felt very comfortable after getting so hot from the exercise. My short, barely shoulder length hair dried almost in the blink of an eye. The rising sun cast long crooked shadows from the weeds over my white sailor suit top. I loved the sea but I particularly loved it the most when it was this season. If it was winter, it would have been very uncomfortable changing like this.

As I put on some lip balm on my dried lips I heard my older sister’s step wagon driving up so I took my surf board and sports bag with me and made my way to her. She was wearing a red jogging suit and reeling down the driver seat window when she called to me.

“Kanae, how did it go today?”

My sister was beautiful. Her hair was long and straight, she always kept her composure and she was a high school teacher. She was eight years older than I was and long ago I didn’t like her. Perhaps I had a complex where I would always compare and analyse the average little me against my brilliant sister. But I like her now. Before I knew it, I had come to respect her after she graduated from university and returned home to the island. If she didn’t wear that old jogging suit she would look a lot more beautiful than she did now. But maybe she did that because she didn’t want to stand out too much on this small island.

Again, you can read the rest and find a print out version at my fansite.

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Chemistry – Our Story, Once Again

I didn’t really like this song which happens to be the theme song for Valkyria Chronicles 2 but somehow it managed to grow on me even though I didn’t listen to it repeatedly… Maybe it’s because of the slow beat.

It only comes on JPOP group, Chemistry’s “Regeneration” album though (DFCL-1605-6) and not the official game OST.

初初我不喜歡這首「戰場的女武神2」的開場歌。雖然我沒有重複聽但最後都喜歡聽… 可能因爲是慢歌。


Our Story

Lyrics: Natsumi Tadano
Arrangement: Kotaro Egami

Even if there are days when you feel yourself hesitating
It doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you
Even if there are days you believe you can keep on winning
You’re just playing and winning a lonely game

Get together with those you love and shake hands with your friends
Lets keep those scenes filled with good fortune going

Together we’ll make those dreams come true in our story
There’s nothing for us to be afraid of
The future ahead is filled with joy and light
Growing ever bigger so free yourself more
Together we will spell out love in our story
The path in which we search for answers
Isn’t that long before it winds and connects us together
It’s unstoppable, yes it’s our story

The girls have a greater peak moment in their lives than we do
And that makes us want to protect their fragility
They always hold us by the arms when we have been hurt
And softly they smile for us

If there’s only one thing I can choose
To take with me if the world was to end
I would choose to let the flower in our souls bloom

Lets unravel the mystery that is you in our story
Lets understand why we met
I can feel that it’s something worth betting our lives on
Lets free ourselves more
Together we will spell out love in our story
The path in which we search for answers
Isn’t that long before it binds our hearts together
It will never end our story

As if a seal has been broken
Our heartbeats overlap with each together
Your heart, my heart burns like a flame
We won’t leave each other, it’s an everlasting melody

Together we’ll make those dreams come true in our story
There’s nothing for us to be afraid of
The future ahead is filled with joy and light
Growing ever bigger, never ending our story

Our story is already a distant story in the past
But that same colour still lingers in our eyes
We fight and sing, dreaming of someone there for us
We will connect with each other

Together we will spell out love in our story
The path in which we search for answers
Isn’t that long before it winds and connects us together
It’s unstoppable, yes it’s our brave story

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