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World War Z in Glasgow ::


World War Z in Glasgow ::

The production of World War Z has been underway in the city of Glasgow for the past few weeks. It's a US$30 million movie based on a novel of the same name and stars Brad Pitt. Apparently they chose Glasgow over the real Philadelphia because of the tax breaks here which means it would be cheaper to film.

Naturally I went out during the weekends hoping to catch a glimpse of the movie being filmed live just like a lot of other people but unfortunately, I didn't catch sight of the star or any filming...

What I did manage was take shots of the props they had lying around George Square.

Quite a number of streets and roads were barricaded off.

I probably should have camped around longer but, didn't have the time.

Whole row of US patrol cars on exhibition.

They stuck the USA flag and signs up on this building.

Crossing lights got a bit of a make over.

Complete with grime. The button doesn't actually work... I think.

Not sure if this matches the layout of George Square.

More props.

I think they were testing some explosions at the far end when I shot this photo. Gave people quite a fright every time one went off ^^;

And even the traffic lights and street lights have been added.

Next time I popped round I think they just finished filming a crash scene.

They were cleaning up the wrecked cars and debris.

And the camera equipment rented locally.

I'm sure there would be plenty of disruption if this was all done during term time because it's right next to the Strathclydge University campus. I doubt students would mind though. Especially the clear view they would get from from the student union and an excuse to miss classes, lol.

A very sleek looking camera vehicle!

And the little mobiles the crew seem to whizz around in...

With most of the scenes hidden away behind these black veils, quite a lot of people were hanging around trying to peek through them and one of the security guys behind the screens were giving people frights - "Boo!" Bet he had fun doing it!

Nope, no action around here either. But that might just be one of the cast members in uniform on the left.

I really think these are just out for exhibition when not in use...

Local restaurants were cashing in using special meals with the star's name in them...

And this is what George Square usually looks like without the film crew. Not usually quite as sunny.

Now that I'm looking through these photos, it kind of feels like walking through a museum outside the streets...

It won't be until December 2012 before the movie premieres and I think the local council is trying to get the privilege of having it back here in Glasgow. It will be interesting to see what filters and effects they use to create the final product.

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