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Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Officially Revealed

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Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Officially Revealed

It's not for the PS3 as I was expecting from the "leak" last time but maybe that's good news since I'll be able to play it! I guess the DS could be considered "new hardware" since it has received a proper SMT game yet.

Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey will be for the DS on October 8th. Taking place in the early 21st century, a portal to another dimension in the South Pole, dubbed "Schwarzbirth" by the United Nations, has appeared and is threatening mankind's existence. In order not to spread panic it is kept a secret but as the portal grows in size, a Schwarzbirth Investigation Unit is formed to find out what's inside.

The RPG will feature...

  • An upgradable "Demonica Suit" using software applications.
  • Conversation system to convince demons to join you.
  • Over 300 demons at your fusion disposal.

And the staff are...

  • Producer/Character and Devil Design: Kazuma Kaneko
  • Director: Eiji Ishida (SMT3/Raidou/Raidou2)
  • Scenario: Shogo Isogai (SMT3/Raidou/Trauma Centre series)
  • Composer: Shoji Meguro

MegaTen on DS

The official site will be open next Monday together with a trailer.

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Eet eez moi!=D The same old goofball Mirei~ I'm glad I still remembered your blog after all this time @_@ just started college you see .0.

Aaaaand from what I remember 'Schwarz' is black in German. Anyways, I asked since it just made me remember the opening theme of Atelier Iris Grand Phantasm.



Xcomp Author

W00T! Is it THAT Mirei? The very same!? :D

I'm not sure if that's what "Schwarz" means. Maybe someone who knows German can answer that question.

Well, there won't be any strategy elements I'm pretty sure...




Yes! I'm glad it's coming on the good old DS. I'm just playing Devil Survivor right now and I'm really enjoying it. So yeah, I don't expect anything less from this new SMT!




Oh hay look it's Mirei xD lol wth...

Anyways! I see Atlus has been developing a lot of titles for the DS lately. Makes me wanna go buy one since I've been curious about Devil Survivor I'll admit :P And a question of non-importance: Schwarz is German for black right? .-.