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Uncle from Another World (2022, AtelierPontdarc)

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Uncle from Another World (2022, AtelierPontdarc)

Isekai Ojisan

Worth A Watch

Major Sega fan Yousuke Shibazaki "Uncle" has been stuck in a coma after an accident for the past 17 years but finally wakes up. He claims he has actually been living life in another world; a fantasy world full of monsters, heroes and magic. Fortunately for him, his knowledge of RPGs helps him out and the powers he gained from the other world can still be used and with it his nephew Takafumi manages to make a living from YouTube videos of him.

As the two live together, Yousuke replays memories of his life using his magic to show Takufumi (and his friends) who can only dream of what life as a hero is like in an RPG fantasy world is like. It turns out not his Uncle doesn't quite play the hero role he was expecting...

Was kind of put off by the promo art but then a Japanese friend recommended it and it had some good reviews so I ended up watching this. It's kind of like Uramichi Oniisan because our middle-aged Uncle ("ojisan" can mean middle-aged man too) makes jokes out of the harsh moments of life; only this show mixes in playbacks of his Isekai life too where he is completely overpowered. In contrast to Uramichi's bright coloured aesthetics this show is all dark, grey and gloomy although it's anything but.

It enjoys throwing stereotypes out the window. Yousuke meets plenty of girls but it's not your usual harem show. His dense personality and lack of regular social experience always ends up giving them the wrong idea. The girls kind of remind me of the cast from KonoSuba with some silly personalities and reactions. Show is just full of death glares and some really intense expressions. Mabel feels like a blend of Aqua and Darkness.

As with most fantasy shows, you have your fair share of familiar fan service scenes like the shower and hot springs. Otherwise it gets pretty creative with suggestive scenes that probably puts the fan service only shows to shame.

This show's so full of homage to Sega, it might as well be propaganda for their company... or maybe they sponsored it. The original Manga artist has an interesting pen name... "Hotondo Shinde iru [Fairly Much Dead]". There's plenty of video game and Anime references in it. A lot of them not parodied either.

If you enjoy RPGs you'll probably enjoy all the video game related comedy in this modern show but things aren't always what they seem. You could say it's a mix of KonoSuba and Uramichi Oniisan. And it's not set in high school.

After this you might know what, "around 4" means. Wouldn't mind seeing a season two soon.

Isekai Ojisan


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