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Super Crooks (2021, Bones)

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Super Crooks (2021, Bones)

Worth A Watch

Young Johnny Bolt is a fan of the Union of Justice superheroes. One night he discovers he too has super powers and plans his debut as "Electro Boy" with his friend. Unfortunately, it turns into a big disaster leading to a chain of terrible accidents. With his hopes of being a hero ruined, he decides to become a Super Crook instead.

Some time later, he is released from the Supermax supervillains jail but old habits die hard. Despite his girlfriend Kasey insisting on waiting for better opportunities, re-united with his old supervillain friends he is off on a heist in hopes of filling his empty pockets. Unfortunately, their make shift team and lacking superpowers including one that just passes on bad luck just doesn't work out for them.

However, his girlfriend had bigger plans for them both that should have them set for the rest of their lives. One that even the notorious organisation of supervillains The Network doesn't even dare try to pull off.

Kept seeing this show's opening dance sequence on Twitter but went in blind. The OP suggested it was going to be another bunch of crooks who are actually doing good like in Great Pretender but turns out it's not. It really is crooks being crooks. Well, supervillains anyway... Not your bad guys doing bad things that actually end up helping the good. What they do have in common is some fairly heavy romance as you might have guessed from the plot intro.

Most Anime is usually an adaptation of Manga but here it's actually based on a spin-off comic series (spelt "Supercrooks" without the space) and serves as a prequel to it.

The gore starts off quite tame but becomes more frequent. I think this gore filled action dark comedy is close to Bacanno but not quite as epic with its story telling. It's mostly just a dark comedy action flick at the start but towards the end it starts focusing on character development so it does get better but can't say the same about the gore. Particularly the last episode... absolute gore fest dark comedy.

Set mostly in America, the world setting looks pretty good. You'd probably recognise locations from watching American movies. It's produced by Japanese studio Bones but I think they try to keep the aesthetics American animation-like with flat tones and little detail. The aesthetics just remind me of again, Great Pretender. Despite the clean line art, the action scenes are smooth and it's got a bit of gore but not on the same level as Jujutsu or Chainsaw Man. Well... at least at first.

As far as fan service goes, I'm sure Kasey's dance will be captivating in the OP (theme song is actually catchy - lum pum pum). Wonder if they got pro dancers to choreograph something for the theme song. There's nudity, lots of cleavage and suggestive scenes but tame compared to regular Anime shows. Well ok, maybe one episode where you get a PoV of a guy who can't stop gawking. Don't expect anything more than that even though there's a hot spring scene.

If you took the dark humour from Bacanno and used the aesthetics from Great Pretender then you've got your show. Lead up the end feels like your familiar super heroes in costumes show but the wrap-up was great.

Super Crooks the prequel.


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