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Giant Beasts of Ars (2023, Asahi Production)

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Giant Beasts of Ars (2023, Asahi Production)

Ars no Kyojuu

Worth A Watch

The land of Ars is contantly under attack by giant beings. Recently rare red-eyed ones have been appearing and have been causing even more havoc. Young Cleric Kumi The 22nd escapes from her prison and while being pursued by guards, she unleashes her powers. Jiro, "The Already Dead" Paladin who happened to be nearby is reminded of his late Cleric and lover Toko, making him decide to save her. Together, they form a pact that allows Paladins to infuse themselves with a Cleric's power and in turn help them control their power too.

Soon Jiro finds himself on the wanted list too and reluctantly lets Kumia and Myaa a merchant Chapeaux tag along with him. As they continue evading The Empire authorities, their little party grows and together they investigate why Giant Beasts who gain a red eye grow more ferocious and find a way to save the land.

An original show that gets off to an amusing start. Little over-powered Kumi escaping and politely apologising to everyone she hurts while munching away the food she stole. Then suddenly we're thrown into large scale fights with the giants. Only issue is it doesn't really expand on the world setting that much such as why the Champeaux have animals on their heads although I guess you have to compromise on something on such a short series.

Aesthetics kind of remind me of Deca-Dence for some reason. Animation stutters a bit in the odd scene but the backing soundtrack is good. Good ending theme. We also get the same ritual scene every episode which gets tiring to watch and never gets shortened. There's not really much fan service other than Romana with your familiar busty character design and revealing clothing but that's it.

World setting isn't too bad but the main plot is a fairly familiar fantasy setup so not much to impress there. Granted, the race designs look very familiar too and not very original but they did go as far as designing their own glyphs too. It's quite wholesome watching Kumi who starts off completely oblivious to the world mature and the party member bonds grow, with a sort of father and daughter relation between Jiro and Kumi.

Sometimes the direction feels out-of-place but nevertheless, it's good to see a proper fantasy show instead of another Isekai another world or MMORPG show. Quite a wrap-up to the first season. Hopefully won't be long before it picks up again.

Giant Beasts of Ars


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