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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

Stoke is a night of Asterra and while out on a mission, his new fellow soldiers are killed in action. In his moment of despair two children appear and tells him that the tome he was given is known as the Radiant Historia that allowed him to travel back in time to change history and his role was to allow it to run its correct course. As Stoke continues to make use of the tome he learns someone else also possesses such a tome but is using it for the wrong purposes. Now he must correct history while tracking down the culprit and save the world before everything is reduced to sand.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

I bought this game during a 3DS sale thanks to the hype I've been hearing and it turns out Perfect Chronology is an expanded remake of the DS JRPG. It features two modes you can play in "Perfect" for those who've already played the DS version and want to experience the extra scenarios or "Advent" for those who want to experience the original game. There's also a new character "Nemesia" and a added "Support Skill" feature that allows inactive party members to join in attacks.

It's quite an interesting game with its own unique battle system. Battles take place on a grid and kind of plays out like chess. You can use skills to manipulate enemy positions so that you can stack them together and if you chain your party members turns well, you could wipe out all enemies quickly. This even rewards you with bonus XP and money too. It's great when you can use a single skill to stack enemies together then steal from all of them at once. What's even better is you level up fairly quickly and enemies are visible so there's little level grinding.

On the other hand, upgrading gear is really expensive. So expensive you'll probably be only be able to afford one piece of equipment or so in between chapters. Fortunately, PC has a new Vault of Time dungeon that allows you to gather Momentos and them exchange them for gear so there's still a little bit of farming to do.

As for the rest of the game, you make important choices in the game that will affect how the story branches out which is interesting and kind of expected for a time travel game. Just don't expect something as technical as Steins;gate because it is fantasy game after all, not sci-fi but the story's still good and it has a great cast of characters. There might be a lot of different endings but most of the time you're alternating between two different timelines so that if you find yourself stuck then you switch back to the alternative branch, learn a new skill or perform the alternative action that doesn't lead to a bad end then switch back to proceed. You pretty much just play the different chapters in both branches in parallel really.

Visually the game looks great. There's no 3D support but the sprites look very detailed and are animated really smoothly. Character portraits look well rendered in detail too with full voice acting. Sound effects on the other hand are a bit lacking (and the goblin voices are just irritating). There are also some minor changes such as you can now hear Stokk's footsteps. They actually been redrawn with new event illustrations and there is a new Anime OP by A-1 Pictures.


  • Has a unique battle system that's kind of like chess.
  • Detailed character portraits, very smooth animated sprites.
  • Levelling up is fast so there's little level grinding.
  • Visible enemies.
  • Branching choices that lead to different endings and story development.


  • Skip function doesn't only skip text you've already read.
  • Sound effects are a bit lacking.
  • Little level grinding but new gear is ridiculously expensive so you have to farm instead.

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