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5 Centimetres Per Second One More Side Novel

5 Centimeters per Second Anime

5 Centimetres Per Second One More Side Novel

Thanks goes to FallingStar for tweeting to me about this! I must have missed Shinkai's tweet about this somehow!

It's been over 4 years since 5 Centimetres Per Second premièred in Japan and since then, it's been novelised and manganised. Now it's getting another novel, subtitled "One More Side" - But it's not a sequel.

The original 5cm light novel was written by Makoto Shinkai himself. Now Arata Kanou, the author who wrote the novels for Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, has written a different version of the novel. A 384 page paperback due to go on sale tomorrow, May 20th.

A release date has appeared on Penguin Random House as February 26th with ISBN 9781947194090. The cover doesn't look like it's by Shinkai or his team but still looks quite good.

5 Centimetres Per Second - One More Side

Kodansha USA revealed at Anime Expo 2018 that they will be publishing an official English version of this book so, you guys will be able to read it soon!

As you might have already guessed from the subtitle, it's a different take on the story. Quoting from Kanou's blog entry, "It's just like how the story develops one way in the novel version and then another in the Manga version of Voices of a Distant Star. It's kind of like parallel worlds."

5 Centimetres Per Second Novel - One More Side

Originally it was to be subtitled "Another Side" but Kanou wanted something similar to the theme song, "One More Time, One More Chance".

In Makoto Shinkai's original version of the novel...

  • Chapter 1 - Takaki's perspective.
  • Chapter 2 - Kanae's perspective.

Kanou's version looks at the scenarios from the other character's perspective...

  • Chapter 1 - Akari's perspective.
  • Chapter 2 - Takaki's perspective.
  • Chapter 3 - A first person-like third person perspective.

And will I be getting this novel...? I don't know yet.

Will I be finishing the third chapter of the original novel? Probably not since I have other priorities at the moment. But for those of you who are fluent in Thai, you might like to know it's been officially translated in that language and is available as part of the "Makoto Shinkai's Memory Box" set. Thanks to Khiki for this info!

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One More Side now has an official English release, but did the first novel ever get an official one too? Amazon only seems to have the manga, unless I'm mistaken.



LY Author

Not that I'm aware of. Maybe they're aware of my fan translation that's been circling around for so long that, they decided it wasn't worth localising that officially.




Well great job man!!
Saw this masterpiece nearly after 10 years and found your place to read the novel , can’t believe it’s been 10 years , time flies and it’s heart wrenching to think about that. Anyways I hope your doing well !




Hey man, you read the novel One more side, right?
Can you give me spoilers about the ending? Thanks



LHY Author

Nope, haven't ^^;



Pedro Lourenço

can you read just the ending and post a spoiler about it? i'd appreciate it...



LHY Author

It's actually not that much different to the original although it expands on it more...

We read about how happy Akari was with her newly wedded life. She stands on the veranda one day gazing at the scenery. A cherry blossom petal flies by and suddenly she feels like she's forgetting something... It felt like she had borrowed something and had yet to return it. So she decides to go out for a walk to see the cherry blossoms. Then she passed by a certain man.

Now Takaki was taking a walk after finishing his share of freelance programming for the day. He passes by the woman and a sudden feeling of familiarity struck him. He stops and turns round, certain that she would turn round to look at him too and she did but he only briefly catches the side of her face before a train passes. He waits, caught by this warm feeling and there was a rush of emotions as the train was about to finish passing by but just then, another train passes by. The second train finally passes but the woman was gone.

Takaki smiles. He was surprised he could smile since he felt he was dead inside until this point in time. Even though he didn't know who the woman was, he felt warm happiness radiating from her and it made him happy. He thinks about relationships between people and was glad that they helped keep people happy. He thinks he should give someone a call -
anyone he knew. He didn't have his mobile so he turns the corner and looks for a public phone.




Thanks, man.




Any update?! Waiting for One More Side...



LHY Author

Sorry, I won't be translating or reviewing this novel =/




where can i buy Another Side novel??




could u maybe do it now? :3 we really want to see it translated




after like 4 years




how about now? :)




Will do a translation for this too?



LHY Author

No, I won't. Too busy these days ><




so happy that i could finally find a English version of the 5 Centimeters Per Second.
I am going to read this book for my English group discussion because i am tremendously interested in this book.
I could only see there were the first two episodes
of the book, but i can not find the last one.Have i miss any sites?

thank you for your translation! Help a lot !




Hey, I got a suggestion. I know you said that you're too busy with stuff to finish the third posting, but here's a thought. Can you ask some people at Baka-Tsuki to perhaps finish it for you? I love their work on translating JPN light novels, and I really would like to see 5 Centimeters Per Second finished, either here or perhaps at Baka Tsuki. It'd be really cool! Give it a try?




Is there a english version for the novel??? im planning to get the japanese version from amazon and learn japanese at the same time :D



LHY Author

No. Maybe you can send Shinkai an e-mail or a tweet to request one.




any updates?



LHY Author

No, I don't think I'll be translating the last chapter I'm afraid. Too busy working full time and tired these days.




;_; Many sad 5CM fans. ;_;




Yeah, it's too bad that you won't translate the last chapter. But thank you very much for all the other content! (translations, comparisons, etc. of 5cm)

If you find the time to make a comparision on the new novel, I'm very much looking forward to that.




"Will I be finishing the third chapter of the original novel? Probably not since I have other priorities at the moment"----

That's sad. Thanks for the news and I hope you get some free time.
Greetings from Chile!