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Ebten P3P Deluxe Pack

There might be no limited edition for the latest version of Persona 3 but, there are other versions available.

For those of you who read the Famitsu magazine articles a few days ago, you may have already noticed Ebten is offering a Persona 3 Portable Deluxe Pack in Japan which contains the following extras for roughly another 2000 Yen (US$30).

  • A blue t-shirt featuring Elizabeth's motif (front) and Theodore's motif (back).
  • 12 x PSP sized posters you can use to decorate your handheld.
  • 2010 desktop monthly calendar.

Some slightly larger images of the goods are available on Famitsu.

Persona 3 Portable Deluxe Pack

Wonder if the US version will get any free goodies this time, eh? Personally I'd prefer it if Atlus didn't keep re-using the same illustrations for practically all their goods.

On another note, I wish I was at the Persona Live Music 2009 concert that just finished about an hour ago. According to the Twitter feeds it was so crowded the queue hardly moved. Towards the end of the concert, they sung the pharmacy theme song (they didn't say which version) from the first Persona game.

Must have been fun, orz.

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The set list for this year's live looks really good. Wish I could've gone. Satomi Tadashi must've been hilarious, and even the Tanaka song...!
Hopefully this time it won't take so long for the dvd, seeing how the Akasaka blitz dvd seems to have sold well enough.

I still haven't found any place who would let me order the Ebten pack :( I'd really like the t-shirt XD




No. The fedex office is closed. I was looking forward to see while still on vacation. Tomorrow I need to go to the office again, so I will have to wait until night to see it. Oh well.

Do lets us know if you get news about any calendars!



Xcomp Author

Can't you drop by the depot to pick it up yourself?

Either way, the wait should make the moment you pick up the DVD a lot more enjoyable =)




I was looking for another persona related calendar to replace the Persona 4 2009 I got with the Social Link Expansion Pack from when P4 was released in English.

Anyway... Im currently waiting for my Persona Live DVD. Damn fedex won't ship until monday, despite the package having arrived at my town since yesterday.



Xcomp Author

Maybe the artbook will feature the illustrations used in the calendar if that's what you're after ;)




I wish they sold this extras alone.
I want that calendar... but I won't buy a game I can't play because I don't know japanese. =(