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Persona Music Live 2009 Coverage


Persona Music Live 2009 Coverage

It's Silver Week in Japan which means some of the Japanese are on holiday and that's probably also the reason why there's no update for the P3P website today. But nevermind... Lets take a look at what happened at last Saturday's Persona Music Live 2009 concert instead!

Thanks to the late Twitter micro blogging craze it's slightly more easier to find out how the concert went at Tokyo, Wel City. Not to mention the myriad of blogs too of course! The biggest credit has to go to Mikecchi who wrote a very detailed account of the event.

Persona Music Live 2009 at Wel City, Tokyo

Following the Twitter streams, I noticed one or two fans went there early, some about an hour's train journey away because they were selling some limited edition Persona goods a couple of hours before the start of the concert. No tickets were required to buy the goods, it seems and the goods included a light pen (photos from Fina's blog).

The DVD for last year's concert (available from Play Asia) was also on sale and people were allowed to exchange misprinted covers for new ones. It had the following mistakes...

  • Approximate time of DVD corrected from "000 mins" to "120 mins".
  • "Heatbreak, heatbreak" (same spelling as in the concert) corrected to "Heartbeat, heartbreak".
  • Added, "Opening" and "Closing" to the track listings.

Fans were allowed into the hall an hour before the actual concert which started off pretty slow because of a huge crowd, making it hard to buy goods. Someone commented how it felt like the Doujinshi events where lots of new artists start off their career by selling self-published works.

Tote bags, t-shirts, phone straps, pamplets...

Outside the hall this time, there were girls such as Ayumi Yasuoka cosplaying as Elizabeth (photos at her blog) at the premium seats entrance and those lucky people were given tote bags filled with goodies. "Bravery" reports it contained the following...

  • T-shirt.
  • Premium pass.
  • Japanese style paper with an illustration of the P3P Heroine on it.

Instead of Igor appearing on the big screen opening this time, it was Kuma (or "Teddy" in the English version) who received some applause. But it wasn't long before Elizabeth blasted him off with a shot of Megidoraon, mistakening him as an intruder! Margaret appears too and the sisters carry out a little hilarious conversation just like last time.

Aegis and Igor appears too before the sisters warn about cameras being forbidden and the concert starts.

In the Wel City hall.

Kawamura's MC was interesting once again. She said...

If we performed this concert over the internet, I'm sure Mr. Meguro would be referred to as "Daimyojin (Great God)". It all started after he spoke like a Daimyojin at the last live concert.

Never knew Meguro was a "god" to his Japanese fans... When I first read this on other blogs, I thought he was cosplaying or something ^^;

Here is a full list of the music performed according to Hiro...

M01: Heartful Cry
M02: P3 FES
M03: Dream of Butterfly
M04: Want To Be Close
M05: When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars
M06: Pursuing My True Self
M07: Your Affection
M08: Heartbeat, heartbreak
M09: Signs of Love
M10: Your Affection

Quick break commercial with Tanaka's Net tune from P3 playing.

M11: The Almighty
M12: Mass Destruction

DJ Waka and Lotus Juice performing one of their own songs just like the last concert.

M13: Burn My Dread (Last Battle)
M14: Soul Phrase (P3P Opening)
M15: A Way of Life (P3P)
M16: Heaven
M17: Never More
M18: Found Me
M19: Voice

Encore 1

M20: Living with Determination
M21: Burn My Dread (Blues version)
M22: Breakin' Through
M23: Wiping All Out (P3P Heroine Battle Theme)
M24: Deep Breath, Deep Breathe (Reincarnation version)
M25: Reach Out to the Truth
M26: Kimi no Kioku

Encore 2

M27: Satomitadashi Pharmacy Song 2009
M28: The Battle for Everyone's Souls

After Mayu finished her P3P songs, she jokes to Meguro...

Could you send a copy of P3P to me?

Meguro replied...

I don't have the authority to do things like that. Please ask the other Atlus staff members here...

I wonder if he would have if he did have a say in company resources ^^;

Towards the end of the concert, the big screen went blank for a few seconds and then the shopping district from Persona one appeared on the screen. Fans saw the "player" turning into a corner, arriving at the pharmacy there. Shuuhei Kita and Shihoko arrived on stage dressed in costume as doctor and nurse to sing the pharmacy theme song (PSP version).

Everyone including the audience from both floors sang together, following the lyrics on screen. Must have been fun!

Shihoko and Shunhei cosplaying.

Theodore, the new Velvet Room assistant for the upcoming P3P, appeared on screen and quite a number of girls screamed, "Kyaaa!" I think I read on one blog where a girl wrote, "I almost shouted marry me!" ^^;

The concert ended at two hours and looks like it was quite a success once again because the tickets were sold out. According to Lotus Juice, around 2000 people attended.

And yes, there should be a DVD release of this year's concert too because according to Mayu, the staff were all watching the footage right afterwards.

The staff.

それから、写真をまた勝手に転載してすみませんっ! 外して欲しければご連絡を・・・

I'll update this post again once Famitsu releases their coverage about the event which (if they do) should take two weeks going by last time's schedule.

In the meantime, check out the artist's blogs for photos of themselves and the performers - Shihoko Hirata, Lotus Juice and Mayu Fujita.

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can i have the link of the video?




Man I hope they release the dvd and cd for this. Their music from the first concert was great!



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I wish I also could attend but well, I will be waiting for the dvd.
Those opening and ending parts seem like really fun just like the last time. Eri-san's the best~
I also wonder what Teo said when he appeared on the screen.
Hope they won't take much time to release it...




It looks like fun, I envy the people who could attend ;A; I hope I could buy the DVD :DD




Ah! Forgot to say. I see they skipped Brand New Days once more. That makes me sad. Its my favorite moment of The Answer (not because its the ending... but rather because I love the song)




I hope they don't take a full year to release this concert. I can't wait to see this one. And I seriously doubt I can find those bag of goodies on ebay... I want them.

On other news... my DVD of the first concert was supposed to arrive today. Supposed is the important word... it arrived at 3pm... but a family emergency occurred yesterday so no one was home =(. Will need to wait until tomorrow.