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Persona 3 Portable Playable at Tokyo Game Show 2009

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Persona 3 Portable Playable at Tokyo Game Show 2009

Which means the bigger gaming sites will most likely have a better preview of the RPG towards the end of this month before its actual release in November.

Anyway, this week's website update shows off an in-game battle playing as the Heroine and I don't think that pink interface is going very well with the Dark Hour's lime green background...

Heroine in battle.

Then there are also blog parts up for helping promote the game, allowing you to pick a character and the outfit he/she wears to put on your blog or site. Once the clock reaches Dark Hour (i.e. midnight) well... You can see what happens when you click the little Flash box yourself at the side.

Promote P3P

If you visit the site during the day, you'll also see the Heroine's card sparkle on the front page. Click on it and you'll get the following quiz.

What does Mitsuru say to Junpei without second thoughts?

  • Good job.
  • Brilliant!
  • You calling me "hentai"!?

Mini quiz.

Yes, imagine Mitsuru saying the last line but then again, "hentai" doesn't just mean "pervert". It can be used to describe someone that's "abnormal" too ^^;

Get the answer right and you'll get to hear sound samples 3 and 4 which are "Want to Be Close" and the Heroine's equivalent song respectively.

I think it might be Shihoko who might be doing the vocals for the Heroine's tracks because it kind of sounds like her.

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Xcomp Author


Yes, it's Mayumi Fujita. Didn't check the line up before I wrote this ^^;




Hi Xcomp, awesome site BTW. I think the vocalist of the songs for the Female MC can be found here.


I'm guessing she's the last person in the lineup. Sorry can't read Japanese.



Xcomp Author

I think it's random because there was a different quiz before this one and that disappeared too. Maybe it's only there during the day (your own time) whenever the site gets updated...




I visited the front page http://p3p.atlusnet.jp/index.html on the day but the heroin's card was the same and that quiz didn't appear. What did I do wrong?
Maybe I should visit it when it's day time in Japan? It'll (obviously) be night time here though.



Xcomp Author

I have yet to read the Manga... Just had a skim through it ^^;




For the girls, it's probably because he's cute ^_^ For the guys, maybe it's his 'cool' factor. (?)

His personality in the manga is really wacky though!



Xcomp Author

Ah, no worries. You'll get there.

Anyway, yeah... Other P3 fans have been asking whether the Hero and Heroine get to meet at some point in the game or not too. Who knows... There's still over 6 weeks of coverage to go so maybe something will pop up then, lol.

I don't see what's the fascination with the Hero though to be honest. Is it because of his sacrifice...? >_>




._. I'm not cool enough to know how to read Chinese and Japanese.. I can only speak .... one day I hope to be fluent!

I like the female protagonists hairstyle! She's not all gloomy creepy like the dude... no offense to him heehee. I'm a little confused, if you play as the female protagonist does that mean the male protagonist is gone? Or is he also available for 'friendship' ... eheheh



Xcomp Author

Hmmm, never checked the line up on the site.

I did have my suspicions just listening to the way she sung the English lyrics in the samples so far. Shihoko's pronunciation just sounded a little better ^^;




I thought it sounded like Shihoko Hirata, too, but then I noticed that they have the new singer in the lineup of this year's Music Live. I assume her name is read as Mayumi Fujita.



Xcomp Author

Nah. The last choice is written in the same way Junpei usually speaks in the Japanese version of the game so it probably just means pervert - a little joke from Atlus to rule out one of the answers I guess.

Then I thought about Mitsuru's character and how she likes to give people the "death sentence" so I thought... Maybe the staff could be hinting at the other meaning ^^;

But the characters for "hentai" can have the same meanings in both Chinese and Japanese, though.




so maybe the term hentai is the equivalent to Chinese "been tai"? in this circumstance? @_@