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The Puchi Eva: Evangelion at School Series


The Puchi Eva: Evangelion at School Series


Just finished watching the 26 short episode parody series, "Puchi Eva". The super-deformed character models and animations are very cute but, the first half was literally filled with toilet humour. The scenarios were so horribly scripted, I almost decided to drop the show...

But then I remembered I've yet to see the sample episode "Lunchtime" I saw from a while ago which got me interested in this in the first place.

Screens from the first half.

I think the show redeemed itself on the second half. Funnily enough, it's also where the episode I mentioned is. I really doubt anyone would be queuing for this show if it went to the cinema like Evangelion 2.0 has.

Screens from the second half.


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Xcomp 作者

Two years is right... It just happened to be around the time when the Puchi Eva DS game was announced too. I think they were streaming the show on the internet at that time but now it's available on DVD.

As for what Gendou's doing... I'll let you take a guess why he's blushing with a camcorder ^^;




Heck, that lunch time Epi goes WAY back. That's got to be at least two years old since I saw that. Nevertheless, the show looks hilarious from those photos. What's Ikari doing?...