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Chrono Trigger Soundtrack DS Edition Due

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Chrono Trigger Soundtrack DS Edition Due

As expected, Square-Enix is re-releasing the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. If you missed out on it the first time, here's your chance to get your hands on it again!

Due on July 29th for 3800 Yen (US$39), the Chrono Trigger OST [DS Edition] will contain...

  • The full 78 track soundtrack from the DS remake span across 3 discs.
  • A bonus DVD containing an interview with main composer Yasunori Mitsuda and a 5.1 surround sound music video of the two orchestral soundtracks that came as a free music CD for pre-orders of the game.

You can sample the tracks now over at the official site and take a sneak peek at the said video content. It seems the music video will be a recording of the band performing the music.

Chrono Trigger DS Soundtrack

I hate to say this but... Can't they put in just a little more effort into the packaging artwork? I mean come on. Re-used artwork, big common ugly font splattered across a cover dyed in a monotonous orange colour. The CD that came with the pre-orders had a better layout than this!


That said, the music really is good. I still find myself humming "The Trial" now and then.

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I hope that all this attention on Chrono Trigger become in the intention to release a new game in the saga.



Xcomp Author

Glad the parcel finally reached you! Wonder why it was so much slower than the first...?

Have a listen to the soundtrack on the site. Could help make up your mind.




It's kinda nice, the box art I think. It perhaps has a kinda art exhibition (come on in) feel to it.

I may pick the game up one day, ebay or something..... I have not played it before, the original or the DS version, I've had Final Fantasy IV DS sitting in my room now for about 3 months untouched while I slowly get through FFTA:A2 & GTA:CW. But if the soundtrack is actually something that holds itself, I could be interested in that.

BTW Xcomp, I received that super secret awesome parcel in the mail on friday. ,er the second one. Bloody awesome man. Cheers! Also got a Hori Fighter stick in the mail the same day & beat SSF2THDR on Expert after about 2 1/2 hours of getting pounded. -I've never beaten a SF game before. :)

- I took one to work today, & everybody thought I was weird.... .... :)