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Meguro Lets Slip A Few Persona PSP Changes

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Meguro Lets Slip A Few Persona PSP Changes

New video footage are up but Director Meguro reminds his readers that these are still just from the development stage of the PSP remake and some of it is pretty old so don't expect the final version to be the same.

With the visuals looking so different from P3 and P4, I wonder how will people who just got exposed to the Megaten Persona series react to the game? There will be no high school life sim element after all and even the visuals look a fair bit different. The only similar element will be the new Anime cutscenes.

Battle system.

Meanwhile, he continues recording the bonus two disc soundtrack at Sony Nogizaka Studios. Looks like it will take around 100 hours to finish followed by two days of mastering afterwards.

He also mentions:

  • Load times have been shortened.
  • Menu tree has been re-done to make organising battle formations easier.
  • Battle animation can be skipped to make levelling a more comfortable experience.
  • A mini map allows the player to keep track of progress through dungeons.
  • SP recovery bug from the original PSX version has been fixed.

Well, so far I'm finding there's a bit too much pop in the samples released on the site since sample three. And sample four doesn't seem to quite fit the battle parts of the game either.

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"Traumatized" is the ideal word to describe the experience of playing P1 on PSX. The game is has such an awful gameplay that it truly traumatizes (that navigation, those loadings... :CRY:). I hope this one will rock.




I remembered playing this game years ago and I was traumatized because of the horrible navigation control. I'm still willing to play this, but I dont own psp, and this game is not definitely a good reason to buy psp =/